Monday, March 23, 2015


I can't even tell you what the last two hours have been like for me. Other than it's been sheer ecstasy. And yes... even withOUT doing the deed. You won't even believe this.

I got all my chores done for the evening, prepping for the week ahead. Doing laundry, doing some tailoring, showering, eating, filling in my weekly calendar, etc. etc. Then... I sat down at the computer, going through my Bookmarks Manager and I found a whole bunch of songs that I love on YouTube. Bingo. I just sat here, listening to hordes of songs that simply devoured me.

I started out with IF YOU LEAVE by OMD. Then I moved into YOU NEVER CRY LIKE A LOVER by the Eagles. Then I wandered into Elvis singing AMAZING GRACE which naturally led me to Judy Collins singing the same song. Then somehow I got to the Pointer Sisters singing JUMP, clicking on all kinds of different musical videos again and again, having THE time of my life. THEN somehow I moved right into Bette Midler singing THE ROSE, doing a duet with my alltime favorite, Wynonna Judd. It was then that the REAL pleasure began. Yes... I was loving every second of all the songs I heard.... but when I got to Wynonna, my heart started pounding.

Because I got to the video where Wynonna was singing THE song of my heart, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH: 

I was nothing short of mesmerized. I stared at my screen, astounded at the power of this voice I was hearing. I had the volume blasting and I was like THERE with Wynonna, feeling exACTly what her words and performance were trying to invoke in me. I was totally in my fucking GLORY. I swear to God. I watched this video at least 4 times in a row, until I got my absolute fill. But... as if THAT wasn't enough...

The next thing I know boom! YouTube automatically begins playing Wynonna singing my REAL alltime favorite... hands down... YOU'RE SIMPLY THE BEST.

Oh. My. God. Soooo fucking great. I so thought I died and went to heaven. Which I decided would be a fanTAStic way to go out... hearing these two songs as I'm taking my very last breath. DEAR GOD... PLEASE LET SOMEONE PLAY THESE TWO SONGS TO ME OVER AND OVER WHEN I'M JUST ABOUT TO KICK THE BUCKET SO I CAN GO OUT IN ROUSING BLISS. THANK YOU GOD. AMEN. In fact, they can begin playing it to me a day ahead. Anyway... 

Now... don't get me wrong. NO one sings this song like Tina, but Wynonna's rendition is by far the best second runner up. I can't even explain what all this does to my soul. All I know is that as soon as I watched these two renditions, I had to watch every OTHER rendition of someone singing Simply The Best, that I could possibly see on YouTube. Meaning that in the end, I bet I heard SIMPLY THE BEST about 10 times straight in a row. Now I've got say...

I've had some really really wonderful evenings lately but you can be SURE nothing has sparked me the way tonight did, merely sitting at the computer, all by myself, listening to some of the best music on earth. It WAS simply the best. My racing heart has hardly come back to normal, even yet. What joy I had watching all these. 

The funny thing is that not once did I watch Elton John or Billy Joel which is pretty unusual. I always said that Elton and Tina are my favorites and they pretty much are. EXCEPT... I also have to say that I'm afraid Tina takes first place and Elton is second, but... Wynonna definitely shares a position with each of them.  

So basically, okay Downtown Abbey. F.Y. for having only one more season left to go. On the other hand, however... on Sunday nights I'll totally be thrilled to watch fantastic rock and roll videos on YouTube instead... and therefore only minimally miss you. In fact, I'll be thrilled to watch these videos ANY night of the week. They take me to a musical place that thrills my stupid ass musical soul beyond belief.   

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