Thursday, March 19, 2015


I know. I write a lot about me. On the other hand, given the title of this blog, if you're not interested in learning about me, then why in the hell are you reading this blog in the first place? For I promise... it will serve you no good, whatsoever. Of course I can't imagine who WOULDN'T want to read all about me, but to each his own. In the meantime...

I downloaded this great new app onto my iPad. I totally love it because I can take any picture of myself and create a whole different look than that in the photo. Trust me... I can spend hours playing with this sort of app. You name the options, I've played around with it. Tonight I was watching the news, playing around with the app and boom. I created two new pictures of myself. I totally love them.

Considering I am on a new quest to replace the bullshit LeRoy Neiman looking picture of me hanging in my family room, I'm thinking I've hit upon something here. The old picture is maybe 3'x4' thus I can also blow up one of these new creations as well and bingo. Replacement problem solved. Granted... it sounds a bit vain but in the meantime every grand mansion I've ever seen has a painting of the miss and/or mistress of the house hanging front and center. Enter: Me. True... I don't live in a grand mansion, but why get bogged down with minor details.

I have always loved photography ever since I took a class at the Museum of Art when I was about 28. Don't ask. Back then I took pictures of anything and everything. I even won a couple of stupid awards. I learned how to develop my photos in a darkroom, too. Then as cameras became way easier, I eventually wound up adoring my point and shoot digital one. I carry mine in my purse every day of my life, exactly as I do my wallet. I can't tell you how many times I've seen something I wanted to capture, grabbed the camera from my purse, pointed and whammo. I shot a snapshot.

In fact, I'm so loyal to my digital camera I almost never use my smart phone to take pictures. They totally suck if you ask me. My iPad on the other hand, does take pretty good pictures, I have to admit. Which is the camera that was apparently used to take the original shot of these photos. The original is up above.

Down below however, are the two I created while playing with my new app. Aren't they great?? I mean seriously... had I paid a well known artist to paint and/or sketch me, I would have laid out plenty of bucks. But for about $2.99 I could do the job myself! I'm totally tickled pink. Oh... and get this...

The last picture here?? THIS is my favorite! It shows what I'll look like when I'm like 80. I have no clue whether or not I'll even be LIVing when in my 80s which make this even better. For then you can pretend I am in fact still kicking and know almost exactly what I look like! Sheer genius if you ask me. In fact... I'll bet this app is what the police use to help the public find a missing child, who hasn't been seen in 10 years, let's say. Talk about artistic help for a major lead, right? Okay...

So if you wish, everyone can send email to me and let me know their choice for which picture I should use in my family room. Of course I won't necessarily listen to you, but what the hell. Advice, I don't really need. But on the other hand... opinions are good.

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