Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I swear to God... you'd think I was pregnant or something. I have had such ridiculous cravings in the past year, you wouldn't believe it. Way stronger than when I actually WAS pregnant. Way back then, I couldn't get enough of Pillsbury white cake mix, white Idaho baked potatoes, and the infamous garlic shrimp at my alltime favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

This past year however, my cravings are way crazier. Not to mention, way pricier. About a year ago, I had had it with salmon and chicken and went on a crazy ass streak of wanting nothing but beef... for about four months straight no less. ANYthing beef. From thin sliced crappy salami to a scrumptious standing rib roast. Then after that craze, I spent about another four months wanting nothing but tilapia fish fillets. With an added addiction of frozen corn, I might add. 

NOW however, I can't seem to get enough of... tada... the big fat sea scallops that I normally order only at fine restaurants. Like the kind I get at the country club which could may well be the best scallops I ever tasted in the whole wide world.

Until that is... I learned how to make these delicious scallops MYSELF. Just like they do! Bingo. I'm in scallop heaven. Thank you Stephanie, btw, for going to the kitchen to find out about the recipe.

So by now... I'm a bona fide sautéed scallop addict for SURE. My cravings are almost... but not quite... at the point of being satiated. No wonder. I no longer have to limit my intake to the five or six scallops each serving may give me when I dine out. NOW, when making them at home, I can eat about 18 with absolutely no problem whatsoever! Which basically means: even preparing them at home, they are still costing at least $25 per meal. 

It also means that after each meal I am STUFFED TO THE FRIGGIN' GILLS. But I don't care. They are sooooo worth it. AND... I've been making them at LEAST 3 times a week. Oh man. This is so outta control, it's nuts. Oh yeah... I also love that whenever scallops are left over, I can then store them in the refrigerator and whammo. I can then pop several into my mouth any time day or night for a mighty tasty snack. TOTALLY DELICIOUS.

In fact, just tonight I made two pounds of scallops. Uh... yes, I do have some leftover, but trust me... not all that much, and even those aren't long for this world given they will probably make a perfectly fine snack in about a half hour. Naturally, I figure my cholesterol is probably right smack through the roof or something but I could care less. Scallops have mercury?? If so, I don't care about that either. My priority here is definitely to: feed the need. And my cravings have totally taken over the need.

By the way... tonight's meal was exceptionally excellent since I decided to kick it up notch by deglazing the sauté pan with a mixture of white wine and some mango preserves sauce I was given for Christmas. After the deglazing and thickening, I then poured the mixture over the scallops. Don't even ask. I thought I died and went to heaven. Next time I might even add some squeezed lemon for a sweet/tart sort of taste. Which simply means: this recipe is SO on my list of what to cook for my next dinner party for six. Which will totally cost a zillion dollars, but who the heck is counting. The taste tonight was just too damn outSTANDING. To hell with salmon from now on. And fish fillets. These scallops surpass that bullshit EASILY.

Granted... whenever I make scallops for two of us let's say, I have to also make salad and a veggie. Afterall, I haven't comPLETEly lost my ability of being a good hostess. But if it's just for me alone, Boom. I bypass those other fillers lickety split and make the entire meal just scallops. As in: the first four can be my salad. The next four can my vegetable. The next two can be my bread. And the last four can be my actual entree. All in all... what can be bad?

Well... I guess my addiction to scallops can be bad. But it so doesn't matter. For the moment, this particular fixation is bringing me the greatest delight, ever. Today I was even trying to figure out eeks... like how long can this scallop deal possibly last?? I'm thinking a pretty long time, actually. But then the bigger question actually becomes: what will my NEXT obsessive craving be? I've sort of already gone through the fish, fowl, and beef period. I've even gone through the desserts phase. And I'm happily over the pre bedtime two navel oranges a night stage. What's even LEFT?? 

Whatever it winds up being there is one thing I can guarantee you. It will NEVER be as delicious as my scallops. Nor as expensive. Well... maybe. Unless of course I find my addiction is due to pregnancy since I'll make billions, given it would be an out and out miracle of all time.  

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