Thursday, February 26, 2015


Well, guess what. It's not snow. It's ICE. Solid, packed, slippery as hell ice. The kind where you can only move upon it if you're Tonya Harding, let's say. Or if you're wearing your own pair of ice skates with really really sharp blades. IT'S CRAZY. Yet last week this is exactly what my deck looked like, along with the entire rest of the city. And... alot of the city is STILL covered in it. So is my deck and lawn, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree.

The streets have certainly been plowed by now, but there is still plenty of ice up along side the curbs and often still on the lawns, parking lots, etc. On my deck, I still have so much of the ice that I haven't been able to walk upon it for a week. Okay. So again... guess what.

As we speak it's now SNOW that is now coming down! It began about an hour ago. So basically the snow is now falling upon the already packed ice. No big deal, one might think. Except... yet again... guess what. WE ARE EXPECTING 8 INCHES OF SNOW to fall. Eeeeks. Can you even imagine??

Granted... I am a far cry from Boston, thank God, but still. I can't beLIEVE what I will wake up to tomorrow, given the snow is supposed to fall for the next 7 hours. Man oh man. This is wayyy nuts.

Last week, we all spent the first full day of the ice storm inside. By the day after that... we all went stir crazy but FAST. I thought I'd shoot myself. Luckily a whole bunch of us were able to get out of our driveways (bless you, James for shoveling and salting my driveway within mere hours after the event) hooking up for at least one meal. No easy feat mind you, given we had to be VERY careful of black ice. However... going stir crazy makes you do crazy ass things. So basically for three hours each day for the next four days, we all met, ate either brunch or lunch, and then all headed home while the below freezing temps pretty much kept the frozen ice in place. By Friday, we met up at the ice cream place since we totally needed a Sundae for comfort food! Don't ask. Oh yeah... the nighttime temps were in the low single digits. Whatever.

Anyway... luckily I always had power, always had heat and of course, always had a stocked refrigerator filled with plenty of goodies. Which may not necessarily be the same for this snow deal, given it will be heavy, wet snow which kinda means power lines and trees could become totally weighted. Which is why I PRAY my generator kicks in should power outages become a problem. The upside of all this is that I was able to get some incredibly beautiful pictures, which when blown up are stunning shots of winter. Some of them are shown below. Pre snow fall, mind you.

I can't wait to shoot more tomorrow which could wind up being the only activity available to me while I await James to come yet again, to shovel me out. Well wait. I also have my computer. I have my Kindle. I have my iPad. I have my cell phone. And as long as my satellite dish doesn't get weighed down, I also have my TV. So I'm thinking I'll have plenty to keep my busy the first 24 hours. It's the NEXT 24 that worries me. Uh... I don't do well with cabin fever. In the meantime, get a load of some of these picts. All ice!

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