Monday, February 9, 2015


Earlier today I was in the car and as always, I was listening to my alltime favorite: Howard Stern. I love his radio show. I even pay for it and lots of other channels via Sirrius satellite. In particular, I love his interviews. They are by far, the alltime best. Actually, Al Michaels calls Howard the best interviewer in the country, but whatever. Plus... Howard is so on target about many many topics; not the least of which was his take today on mandatory vaccines for children. As in: what the hell is what's with these parents who haven't weighed the lesser of two evils and figured out vaccines saves childrens' lives. Uh... about that polio shot we all had as youngsters? Kinda think that maybe it helped to totally reduce the disease in millions of kids?? Smallpox sound familiar? But whatever. In the meantime...

What I really loved today was when Howard was talking about the Super Bowl players. And how, for whatever reason, when announced and/or questioned by reporters, they not only state their names, but also,  their college ID's. In other words: to which college they went. Sorta like: Linda... University of South Florida. Howard went on and on about this topic until finally, he decided he wanted his staff (and callers) to ALSO do the same. As in: Howard Stern... Boston University. (graduated Summa Cum Laude in Communications, btw) All I can tell you is that the conversation immediately became hilarious. Oh yeah...

Howard also suggested that in addition... what the pro football players should REALLY be asked to do, is recite the multiplication tables up to 12. This had me roaring, needless to say. Or if not that, then maybe just say their name and include: convicted or not convicted. I was totally laughing right smack out loud by now. Talk about the truth often being said in jest, right? He also felt that maybe you could even throw in a number referring to how many times you've been laid. I just totally couldn't help but laugh. Anyway...

Howard eventually decided to have several of his staff members come into the studio; staff who btw, any fan such as myself would know in a flash. They were to announce themselves stating their names and the college they attended. Things got to be really hilarious by now... especially because those people stated their name and the college they went to, alright. But... SEVeral sorta, kinda forgot to ALso mention that they never actually GRADuated from the school! Total cheating, if you ask me. And btw, this is exactly what kills me on Facebook, let's say. Attending college and graduating from college are way two different things altogether.

Particularly in football, which often could be soooo misleading. Case in point: Ok, so the player graduated college. BUT graduating with a 1.8 GPA is not at ALL what I'd call walking away with a fantastic, comprehensive sort of education, let alone never graduating in the first place. I mean... seriously. A+ in sports is one thing. D+ in Basic Studies is bullshit. Just saying. Besides, don't even get me started on the grasp of the English language and/or grammar of football players. 

More importantly... sorry Charlie. It doesn't really count if you merely atTENDed school. I mean... the whole point is to get finished with school. As in: a diploma. Hell... I'll be happy to attend one class at Harvard and boom. Where'd you go to school, Linda? Harvard University. REALLY? YOU WENT TO HARVARD? WHY... YES. YES, I DID. OH... GRADUATE? UH... WELL, UH... ACTUALLY, NO. Which of course is what I should have anted up in the first place. Otherwise... completely misleading, right? Seriously... this is what I call: withholding information. MAJOR information.

Which is why the show today was so damn amusing. You should have HEARD what the staff was saying about their education. Or in some cases, not saying. I loved when some had to backtrack but plenty in their educational claims. OH. I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN NOW. IN THAT CASE, THEN I ONLY HAVE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION FROM THE LOCAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL.   

All I can tell you is that like everyday, I had a simply delightful ride home listening to all this crapola. Which reminds me... today was a major day of energy and accomplishment. For some unbelievable reason, all of sudden I woke up with the energy of a 35 year old! Which is good since amongst other things, I had 4 different returns to do at 4 different stores and YIPPEE YIPPEE. Got them all done in about an hour and a half. I totally deserve a prize which maybe in the end I did get, since I probably made a quick $250. I may hate doing errands, but man do I ever love making money while doing so.   

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