Sunday, February 15, 2015


I have to admit... I totally love Valentine's Day. To me, it's a day to celebrate love. Or... at the very least... like. I consider myself pretty lucky given I have had more than my fair share of people who have loved me and more importantly, I have happily loved them in return. And I'm not talking about kinfolk love, either. I am a sucker for romance thus I am referring to the kind of love where you swoon over someone who absolutely makes your heart flutter. The sort of love where you enjoy being with that one person more than anyone else on the planet. Also where you get to enjoy kisses that make you go weak in the knees and yes, probably offers up great sex, too. Basically... someone who just out and out knocks your socks off.

I also adore love stories. Love movies. Love songs. Even love poems. I was but in high school when I first read HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS. Now THERE is a love poem, if ever I heard one. Thank you Elizabeth Barrett Browning for giving a young school girl a mighty lovely romantic fantasy to enjoy for the rest of her life. In the meantime...

I also love surprises. Happy ones, that is. The kind I got yesterday, actually. First of all, I got to Skype with my kid for about a half hour. That always makes me smile. Then I headed out to a weekly brunch with the girls. Then I did errands before I headed home, only to find my alltime favorites waiting for me at my doorstep. 

One was a single pink rose nestled in baby's breath with a card signed: FROM YOUR SECRET ADMIRER. Naturally I pretty much knew who it was from, but even better... I got a DEElicious gift with yet another sweet message from altogether different admirer that was REALLY fantastic. A beautiful box of chocolate covered strawberries from SHARI'S BERRIES! I love her strawberries!! If you have not ever had them... order them for yourself NOW. Seriously... they are incredible. Oh yeah... they arrived about noon let's say and by midnight last night, I had downed them ALL. What can I say? I love fruit. 

Anyway... so indeed. It turned out to be a wonderful day of romance. Flowers and chocolate. Who could ask for more? Well... wait. Speaking of more.... 

YIPPEE. TODAY I WENT TO SEE 50 SHADES OF GREY!! Granted, I prepared myself for it being a crapola sort of movie, but I DID read the entire trilogy so I HAD to see how all this played out in the movie. Guess what? It was totally excellent crap! Of course my being the idiot that I am, I was SHOCKED to see how soon the story ended. No wonder. The other two books in the trilogy will come out at a LATER date. Duh. I can't believe what I jerk I was to imagine the enTIRE story would be covered in this one film. Doesn't matter though since...

This turned out to be a perfectly fine Valentine's weekend. I hope EVERYone got to enjoy some bit of sweetness from someone they enjoy. Afterall, love is what makes the world go round, right? Oh... in closing, get a load of this, btw. Oh man. This so can't be good. Case in point: check out the lows on Wednesday and Thursday nights. EEKS.

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