Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm sure most women have one fantastic black dress in their wardrobe. If not... they absolutely should. Man... this one little item can carry you to a zillion places for a zillion reasons. Anywhere from a quiet little cocktail party at home to a major dinner party at the White House. Not to mention all the events in between. Mine can actually be dressed up or dressed down and can go to not only dinner parties but also to a happy matinee or even a sad funeral. In fact, I have about 5 black dresses and I wear them all. I totally love them.

Apparently Princess Diana had a little black dress that she loved as well. Granted HERS was pretty damn  formal and frankly there is no way whatsoever she could dress this one down. THIS one was strictly for fancy schmancy. It's drop dead gorgeous and I don't even want to tell you when she wore this number up above because to me... anyone who doesn't already know where, must be living under a rock. A big rock, too. Boy... did Diana ever pull out all stops that night.


And man were they ever right on target. This is definitely one of the alltime best revenge dresses EVER. Diana deserves a fucking medal. Why? Because basically.... while Diana had had this dress for a long time, she never wore it until THE night she needed it most.The night she was seeking total revenge. As in: THE night Charles went on TV and publicly admitted to his entire empire he was having an affair. With Camilla, of course. You'd have thought THAT would have been the headline of the century, right?

But oh no... not so fast. Timed with absolute precision, while Charlie was busy confessing to the entire world he had been cheating on Diana for years... that was practically the exact moment Diana donned this dress for the first time, to attend a Vanity Fair party. THAT my friend was the headline the next morning. And whoa did she ever look spectacular in it. This was SO an F YOU CHARLES sort of dress!! I was in crazy ass glory for Diana that night.

Mainly because once again... Charlie was upstaged by this glamorous, stunning woman. Something that Charles HATED. Always. YEA DIANA. YOU GO GIRL. Granted. I totally get it that many many people have affairs and fall in love, etc. etc. BUT... I have heard of NO one who was ever in the throes of all this deceit the night right smack before his wedding to a new bride. Let alone while on their honeymoon, as well!! Is he out of his fucking MIND?? Man. He couldn't even wait til the marriage was at least on the rocks or something?? He just had to jump right smack into it all during the engagement?? F YOU CHARLES AND I WASN'T EVEN THE ONE MARRYING YOU.

Anyway... Charles makes me sick to my stomach for pulling such crap on Diana, thus I can't even waste time talking about him. Instead... I hail Diana for sticking it to him, but good. The entire world went NUTS when they saw her in this black dress and I was filled with sheer delight for her. I'm telling you... the right dress for the right moment for the right reason... bingo. You score a home run IMMEDIATELY. Talk about waving you right on into home base.

Which reminds me... there are some other dresses I also totally love. A couple of these, you have already seen, btw. I mean... you SHOULD have already seen. Again... show stoppers. Stunning. Home runs. Right dress for the right reactions. I also threw in a couple you may not recognize but knock my socks off as well.  

Now... if only I had a body and/or if I were totally famous boom. I'd buy these in a heart beat. Hoping to then of course make some dashing, tall, handsome man's heart REALLY start to beat.

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