Thursday, September 5, 2013


It's a few minutes after five as I begin writing this entry. Not the time I'd normally be doing it, btw. And, the only reason I AM doing it now is because I'm totally bummed with MSNBC. I just can't believe how they've completely screwed me and I'm so not happy about it.

As it happens, I pretty much have a great time line for my days. I get up none too early, I usually catch lunch with a friend, I do whatever errands I might need, go to Dr. appointments maybe, perhaps do some shopping, or do chores around the house, etc. etc. And... I get this all done so that by the end of the day... about five o'clock... I can unwind some while listening to the Chris Matthews Show at five o'clock. This pattern has worked beautifully for YEARS especially given that I can then easily move right into the six o'clock local news and bingo. I'm then all ready for the six thirty national news. It basically works like a charm for a news junkie like myself.

Well... it DID anyway. Now?? Now I'm so pissed I can't believe it. Wanna guess why?? Get this. MSNBC decided to take my favorite news anchor and all of an effin' sudden move Chris to the SEVEN O'CLOCK time slot!!! AbsoLUTELY screwing up my day altogether. I can't even believe it. WHAT?? MY FIVE O'CLOCK STARTING TIME FOR NEWS IS GONE? CHRIS MATTHEWS IS NO LONGER MY LEAD IN TO ENDING THE DAY?? And... if THAT'S not enough, who do they put in his place?? THIS JERK WHO I HATE, ED SCHULTZ. Oh man... so not my favorite guy at all. I can't stand anchors who shout into the camera exactly like Rev. Al Sharpton does, btw. ANOTHER guy I refuse to listen to. My take always is: Al thinks he's still giving sermons to seniors who can no longer hear, sitting way in the back of a church or something. I totally hate him and am STUNNED MSNBC would even hire this guy. Besides... he's not even bright.

Anyway, all this switch up began yesterday and I am telling you: I am so lost with what to do during the time I'm SUPPOSED to be catching up on five o'clock national political news. I'm like a child lost in the woods. I can't do Wolf Blitzer on CNN. I can't do local TV that early. I can't do sitcom reruns. And... I apparently can't do anything but want to slit my wrists altogether. Bottom Line: I don't know WHAT to do until seven when Chris comes on.

Besides... if I'm going out to dinner, I won't even BE home to catch the show. How will I know which Republican to hate? Or who's next in asking for a revote to rescind Obama Care? Better yet... how will I know what stupid assholey thing Ted Cruz is spouting today? My news intake is supposed to be FINished by seven. Not beginning. Geez. I so hate all this. By the time the 2016 elections come, I'll be ready to shoot myself altogether. 

All this kinda reminds me when my alltime favorite perfume at the time... Anne Klein II... was completely taken off the market without any notice at ALL. Thursday I could walk up to a department store counter, buy the beautifully scented perfume and smell delightful within moments. On Friday however?? NEVER AGAIN to be seen at counters, ever. I WAS IN UTTER SHOCK FOR MONTHS. Which is probably when I moved right on into Opium by Yves St. Laurent. Granted it cost 4x the amount of money, but frankly I still wear it to this day and totally love it, still. Anyway... that's not the point.

The point NOW is... I am simply astounded that MSNBC would make such a horrible blunder as to go through with this scheduling switch up. IT SUCKS. Much like Ed Shultz. I wouldn't watch this guy if you paid me. Soooo...

Now I'm at a complete loss of how to bring my day to an end. It's times like these, btw, that I only WISHED I were into martinis or crazy ass hard liquors. At least then, I'd be able to wind down like other people do. Get plastered, munch on nuts and chips and sink into a recliner for hours and hours of watching TV for the entire evening. Instead... I now have to actually find something LEGITIMATE to do at five o'clock as in heaven forbid... go to the gym and get on the treadmill. All I know is I see now that I'm giving a whole new meaning to the Town Crier. Oh I'm crying alright... just not all around the town. Instead... in my very own living room. Beginning at five.

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  1. Two days in a row when I've called the Miami herald to report my paper being late, a recorded message told me "ur paper won't be delivered today"..WHAT??! So I.know how u.feel having a routine changed!


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