Friday, July 1, 2016


I've never ever seen even one episode of Game of Thrones. Never saw Orange is the New Black, either. In fact there are hordes of television shows the entire world watches, all of which I' haven't. I know... I'm a total loser. On the other hand...

I've never missed a Friday night show with Bill Maher. Plus... my DVR is totally filled with almost every episode of The Big Bang Theory. I record CBS Sunday Morning every week and I religiously watch Chris Matthews daily. I watch ABC's World News Tonight each and every evening, too.

Okay. So I do have plenty of TV under my belt. BUT... I may just have to give it all up at some point given I'm sick to my stomach way too often on what is being aired. Not necessarily from the shows themselves, mind you, but instead... from the most horrible, gross looking commercials, ever! They make me want to throw up! And believe you me... commercials are basically shown every 10 seconds. I totally hate that.

What I hate even more however, is how disgusting the medical ads are. I am sooo sick of seeing toe fungi on people's feet, of animated colon troubles, x-rays of a beating heart, paths of digestion, human brain transmitters and God only KNOWS what else. I am so telling you... seeing the insides of people simply make me cringe. Besides... if I wanted to see all this crap, I would have gone to school to become an x-ray technician or radiologist or surgeon or whatever. 

JUST DON'T SHOW ME THE GRAPHIC INSIDES OF PEOPLE WHILE I'M WATCHING TELEVISION. Or don't show me sores all over their body, either. Or anything even close to this garbage. Seriously.

Okay. I get it. We need to become educated about certain medical issues. But TELL me about them. DON'T show them to me. I cannot TELL you how much time I spend looking away from my set, queasy from what I'm kinda being forced to view. I SO much preferred the days when the little Speedy guy came on and told me what to do about heartburn and stomach woes... simply by taking an Alka Seltzer. Boom. Little happy character appears, tells you what to take for an ailment, sings a little song and whammo. We get it. Mission accomplished. 

But NOWadays, you have to see THE most disturbing insides of a body and actually watch how the product works throughout your organs and I totally hate that! Animated or not... the graphics make me sick to my stomach. Case in point, and I know this is weird to write about, but whatever:

As I began this entry, coincidentally, I could feel pressure on my bladder, urging me to get to the bathroom immediately... thus signaling I have a urinary infection coming on. I've been through this before and I know the symptoms like the back of my hand. They aren't pleasant, believe me. But no big deal. I know what's going on, have spoken to my doctor, have the antibiotics I need for this on hand, and easy as 1-2-3, I take them. Knowing of course the discomfort of all this will pretty much be relieved within about an hour. Why am I telling you this??

Because in the olden days, a commercial for a urinary medicine would be pretty easy to watch. You see the product, hear some nice guy or sweet sounding lady describe what to do and bingo. You got the message. But in TODAY'S world I'd have to not only learn about resolving the medical issue but also SEE how a bladder functions, SEE what happens if you've got an infection and WATCH how the urinary tract reacts to the appropriate medicine. WAY too much information, if you ask me. 

Just tell me what the fuck to do and yippee. I'll do it. As in: Oops. I feel major pressure, I know that's not legit, so as soon as this happens, I'll call a doctor to make an appointment and then I'll be seen. WHAT COULD BE EASIER?? Let alone far more pleasant than having to witness an actual bladder.

Which is also why, when I go to a specialist, I detest having to see all those horrible posters they hang on the wall showing the inside parts of the body on which the particular doctor specializes. HE/SHE has to know what it all looks like.... NOT ME. That's why I'm paying them, for God sakes. Oh yeah... and btw... I'm not too crazy about having to look at my OWN x-rays, either. Half the time, I just tell the doctor... hey YOU check them out and simply tell me what's going on. Afterall... I pretty much trust the doctor or I wouldn't be in their office in the first place.

The bottom line to all this ranting? PLEASE just let me watch TV without making me cringe during all the damn commercials. I turn on the set to be informed and/or entertained. Not to want to throw up. All the medical junkies??? Let them go to a channel showing them specifically every disgusting surgical or medical procedure known to man. Just please don't show it to ME in the middle of otherwise excellent programming. Jesus. I so need to contact the top executives of development at ad agencies. I could totally give them an earful... after which I am sure they'll throw me out on my ass. So much for customer feed back.        

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