Friday, July 1, 2016


 I have always thought that satin ballet boxed toe shoes are by far the most beautiful shoes ever designed for women. You can see what I mean, up above. To me... they are just so damn feminine and delicate looking... thus so very sexy. I mean seriously. The satin ankle wrap arounds? OMG. Stunning! Ballet dance shoes on the other hand... are the soft, usually pink, slip on flats ... often with an elastic strap across the top of the foot... that people wear to regular dance classes, let's say. 

So when manufactures began to create fantastic ballet inspired flats for women at large, about 20 years ago... boom. I was their target audience. And ever since then, the comfort, design and beauty of flats have become way elevated, for sure. 

Which was totally good news for me given 20 years ago was probably just about the time when I was done with high heels. In my 30s I could wear high heels and teach all day, every day with no problem at all. When I was in my 40s I could wear heels when merely going out to dinner, fancy parties, etc. But by my 50s... hello flats for any and all occasions. Uh... except when I totally want a great sexy shoe which only means: in my 60s, all I can and do now wear, is a really pretty kitten heeled shoe, like this one below. Which btw, I own and simply adore wearing.

But for most outfits my go to shoe is DEFinitely an incredible looking flat. Thus when a couple of years ago, shoe companies came up with a fantastic flat, married with the look of a ballet toe shoe, I was so in. In fact, I was thrilled. I totally loved the look! And btw, I have to thank Jessica Simpson for that. Hers were the first design like this that I saw and bingo. I bought them on the spot. Here... have a look of what I own. I particularly love wearing them with dresses, in case anyone cares.

Of course really high end manufacturers designed some incredible ballet toe flats too, but they are MAjor pricey. Case in point: this is another ballet toe flat, but from CHLOE, which can be yours for a mere $450. And trust me... if I were a really wealthy woman, I'd have them in every color possible. Which actually, I can't now, given I do believe this particular design has been retired. Oh well. No big deal. Because I have PLENty of other shoes in my closet.

Like this next one, for instance. Remember when I was spending my entire time being sure I had every item of fashion in this year's rose quartz color? Well Talbot's was kind enough to make these flats for me... well, okay; for the entire female population, too but whatever... which as it happens, matches perfectly to a pair of slacks they also made for me. Thank you, thank you Talbots! In any case... I totally love this color! I think I just may need to pop some pearls or something on them however, to spruce them up a bit but still... they are a beautiful suede flat in a remarkably beautiful color, even as a stand alone.

And by the way... I have no clue whatsoever where this store is, but WOW. Are they serious?? This is so totally a store I could easily learn to love since just LOOK at the selection of flats from which one could choose. 

Can you believe it?? OMG. Now THIS is what I call a shoe store, alright! Man I could spend a whole damn day here, trying on every single style, in every single color. Including the sparkly ones too... well, as long as they don't look like a 4 year old's pair on my 68 year old foot, that is. Besides... note the ease with which one could grab a shoe and simply try it on. I think anyway. 

Also... get a load of the color choices! Jesus. I'd be in shoe heaven for sure. Ahhhh... if only, right? Besides... just as they say you can never be too thin or too rich... you also can never have enough shoes in your closet. Check. Mission accomplished. 

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