Sunday, September 28, 2014


Man... I never thought the day would come. Finally. AUTUMN is here! No real color change yet, but it matters not. The temps are delightful and the season has begun. Next thing I know Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here! Yippee! Of course, a probable harsh winter will ALso be here, given the Almanac calls for crazy ass snow which will then mean power outtages, icy roads, COLD temps, but whatever. I have my generator and Ativan so bingo. Who needs more?

In the meantime, in preparation for all these events, I had to have two problematic Poplar trees in the front of my house cut down. IT WAS LIKE THE FIELD TRIP OF A LIFETIME is all I can say. You can not beLIEVE what an experience this is!! I was wonder struck to say the least.

It all began with Nick and his team who brought enough machinery to cover the entire street in front of my house. I totally felt as if he was getting ready to perform agricultural heart surgery. But whoa... does he ever have his team all prepped and ready to go. It was amazing!

I took a zillion pictures of the entire procedure and you can even view them by clicking on this Link.

I just couldn't help shooting away given 1.) I had never seen anything like this before and 2.) it was WILD. Seeing Nick hanging on a cabled harness about 100 feet... maybe more??... in the air was astounding! I told him: BOOM. THIS ONE'S FOR YOUR MOTHER!

Anyway, the way this operation goes down is something else. The guy who maneuvers the HUGE iron hook which will handle all the cables does so with amazing precision. He has to. Otherwise he'd either drop and/or kill Nick altogether or have the tree totally crash into my house. 

Next thing I see Nick is lifted way way up into the air so he can apparently wrap some rope I guess around the tree truck. THEN if I remember correctly, the tree is sawed at some mid point and whammo. The hook and cable carry the top of the tree, in mid air, back down to the street for grinding. Granted... this is a major watered down description for in actuality everything the surgical team does is pretty damn complicated. AND SCARY.

The whole event took maybe a couple of hours. And oh yeah... I had asked that they not cut the tree stumps flush with the ground. First of all, they never do so I knew I would trip over it and definitely kill myself. Secondly, I decided i wanted to make a bench of sorts by buying a piece of lumber to reach from one stump to the other so I could put flower pots, etc. upon it. Which brings me to the Pumpkin Patch.

SEE THE PUMKINS IN THE PICTURE UP ABOVE?? I totally love welcoming the fall season with these treats! I know... it looks pretty much lame for now, but soon enough I'll add gourds or SOMEthing around the area to make it all pop. Or... maybe not. We'll see. Regardless... I absolutely love the ability of decor possibilities these tree stumps afford me. Major great idea on my part, if I say so myself. In the meantime...

HAPPY AUTUMN EVERYONE! A nip is finally in the air, and the holidays are just around the corner. Which reminds me... I got THE best Xmas decorations ever. Get this... I have been eyeing a product for YEARS and I finally broke down and bought them. Sitting down??

I bought six sparkly colored laser lights that shine onto your home or landscaping or whatever and ARE WAY COOL when you see them at night. Like a party happening all over the exterior of your house! I bought green and red and btw... you should SEE what they do to the interior of the house for a party or whatever. I'm totally psyched to see what they'll look like when they're stuck in the ground and plugged in over Thanksgiving weekend. And... just in case I CAN'T get them to work... here's what they're SUPPOSED to look like. Crossing my fingers! 

P.S. If I EVER see any of my neighbors copying me... I'm totally reporting them to the Homeowner's Association.

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