Monday, September 15, 2014


Geez... Now I REALLY have consider shooting myself. Especially since I just now finished waiting 2½ months for Bonnie to heal from her broken pelvis so she could finally return to working with me. Whew. Totally thrilled on my end. 

BUT THEN... what do I hear today?? OMG.

Teresa has fallen and broken three of her ribs. And God only KNOWS when she'll be back. I'M TOTALLY FREAKED needless to say.

In the end, I was able to kinda handle what Bonnie does for me, and while she was gone indeed, I did get through it. Not happily of course, but I did it. BUT TERESA?? CLEANING A HOUSE?? I WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO FUCKING BEGIN TO DO THAT!

Well wait. I CAN begin by saying: all the those things I see Teresa doing each week?? I SO don't want to do them. EVER. I hate cleaning. I hate dusting. I am NOT doing the toilets. I CAN'T change the sheets given my own back problems and while I can probably sweep my floors, I'm in no way going to vacuum my carpets. I'm at a total loss here as to what Plan B is going to be, considering that in spite of my hatred of doing housework, I do love a house that is spic and span. And therein lies the rub if ever there was.

Teresa goes to the doctor today to find out what the latest is. My personal fear is  that the latest means: her being out of commission for what? Six weeks maybe?? Can a house even GO that long without cleaning?? 

Uh... I'm thinking not but believe you me... I'm going to stretch that out for as long as I possibly can, alright. Trust me... merely keeping my house ORderly each week is a challenge in and of itself. I can wash dishes and clean the kitchen and do the laundry. BUT I CAN'T CLEAN AN ENTIRE HOUSE FOR GOD SAKES. Seriously... I've NEVER cleaned a house before and I totally don't plan on starting now.

Which means: I basically have to decide which crap I can fake and which crap I have to tackle. Its always amazed me to learn that several of my friends actually clean their homes themselves. HOW I have no clue. No sooner do you get finished with one job then boom. It's time to not only start another job but then in but days, it's time to begin all the jobs all OVER again from the start. Talk about never ending! Plus... these women seem pretty content with their own housework. HUH? How is that even possible??

Listen... I'm pretty pleased with my gardener, my househelp, my personal assistant, my service folks, etc. etc. I'm NOT pleased that I have to actually beCOME one of them. I just can't believe all this. BTW... I have this motto by which I live wherein I never begin a new project until I've cleaned up from the one before. It can be cooking, it can be cutting fabric, it can be unpacking, it can be anything. Boom. I need to start with an absolutely pristine work place. 

Which all points to the fact that now, without Teresa, I'll be bringing a whole new meaning to my other motto: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Thus... I'm almost wondering if I need to begin punching a time clock or something just to be sure I get all my chores done. Or even better... I just may have to revert to the nursery rhyme song: "This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes. This is way we wash our clothes so early Monday morning." Luckily the REST of the verses will tell me exactly what to do on every day thereafter. 

All I can say is: I can not WAIT until Teresa is up and running again. I'll miss her more that anyone can imagine. She does sound in great spirits, however. And, she is FAR from lazy, thus she is eager to get back to normal. Which only means: For now, I am on my knees... not scrubbing my floors, mind you... but instead: praying Teresa gets better and SOON. My poor house is so in need of her weekly expertise. Not to mention... MY OWN need of her weekly help. 

Dear God: Please help Teresa heal lickety split so I can have a spic and span house once again, REAL soon. Besides... Teresa is totally deserving of ALL your blessings so I kinda hope you're listening. Thank you, God. Amen.     

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