Friday, September 19, 2014


Okay. So I'm now up to 60 recorded episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, but who's counting. Other than it's beginning to use up zillions of my allotted space on the DVR. Whatever. What I'M REALLY into this week is the absolutely FANTASTIC documentary on The Roosevelts on PBS.

It began Sunday night and is on every night this week, I guess and I'm totally telling you there is nothing better you could possibly be doing than watching this series. In fact, every American should be mandated to watch this if you ask me, before they're allowed to vote. Not that the show has much to do with voting per se, but it's incredible as to the telling of history in the United States. So basically... as you can see... I'm loving every second of this show.

No wonder. I not only love politics, but I love biographies even more. Plus... I adore dynasties, so watching all about the Roosevelts is so up my alley. And to make it all the better... I get to actually SEE AND HEAR all the people which of course you can't do in a book. The first two episodes seems to center alot on Teddy Roosevelt and well it should. Learning and seeing from whence he came and where he got, is just astounding. The respect one develops for this amazing American is beyond belief. To me... Teddy is possibly THE most genius President we've ever had. The fact that Franklin and Eleanor is thrown into the mix is mere icing on the delicious cake.

One of my favorite quotes of the night was from one of the narrators who basically said: The Founding Fathers saw our government as laws which are spelled out specifically and thus must be adhered to accordingly. Teddy Roosevelt, on the other hand saw our government in a way whereby if the Constitution does not specifically prohibit an activity by law, then boom. It's legal and we're totally allowed to do it. Kinda edgy thinking, right?? I don't know if I expressed this correctly, but regardless... it's very much Teddy's way of "thinking outside the box" if you ask me.

In the meantime, I can't get OVER the personal obstacles the Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor had to overcome in their lives. Which naturally groomed them to then become the major personalities of our history that they indeed have. Me? A personal obstacle? Boom. I collapse and fall into bitching and complaining and worrying and crying. Them? They totally see each and every almost horrific obstacle they come upon as a challenge to overcome and move forward. I'm telling you: there is no way Sarah Delano Roosevelt would have EVER put up with the likes of me. So... the bottom line??

Hit your tablet and download the PBS app and begin streaming this series or check out ON DEMAND and begin recording it. You SO won't be sorry and it almost makes the Kennedy brothers look like big high school losers. Well... not really, but I do believe the Roosevelts were of finer society. And oh yeah. Speaking of TV...

Thank GOD Bill Maher is back!! I was lost without him this summer but I must say... his return last Friday night was spectacular. Not only did he do his REAL TIME show live, from Washington, D.C. but IMMEDIATELY after it, within 5 minutes, he ran right smack over to do a double DC LIVE event at the Warner Theater for yet ANOTHER performance, but this time, an hour of his stand up. IT WAS FANTASTIC! All I can say is: I could live on this sort of television entertainment for ever! Who the hell could ASK for anything better?? Which only means...

I've been in TV heaven this week. Which is good, given that any day now, I will need to wean myself from the nightly news broadcasts altogether. Don't ask. If you're not suicidal to begin with, you well could be, by the week's end of daily news reports. Thank God for documentaries and comedies. I am totally their target audience. 

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