Thursday, September 4, 2014


I always used to say that paper towels, toilet tissue and maybe burglar alarms were the best inventions known to man. Probably even washing machines and dryers could be thrown into the mix. Plus of course a zillion OTHER fantastic inventions. And then one day... the world decided that the greatest achievement of all time was in 1969 when Man first set foot upon the moon. If you weren't alive, sitting in front of your TV like I was when this occurred... then man. You totally missed an INCREDIBLE MOMENT IN THE LIVES OF HUMAN BEINGS.

So granted, that was SOME big damn f'ing deal, alright. But then again... so was TV, electricity, telephone, etc. Believe me... I could name hundreds of amazing inventions since even I was born. But in 1992 when I got my first Apple IIc home computer I thought it was absolutely miraculous. When soon after that, I got my first Windows PC then things REALLY got crazy what with the first online/email, etc. capabilities.

Which got me to thinking today... according to the Linda School of Inventions... I'd have to say that in spite of all other discoveries, the Internet is by far THE best invention of my lifetime. In particular... GOOGLE. I mean seriously... when is the last you looked anything up in an Encyclopedia?? Who even HAS a set anymore? Yes... Google would be nowhere without the Internet but whoa. Google?? To me... that outweighs all other inventions all put together.

Now I must say, I used other web browsers before Google entered the picture. As in: WebCrawler, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc., etc. But the winner of all browsers?? Easy. GOOGLE! Hands down the best alltime invention ever.

I can't TELL you how many zillions of times I've searched for something and IN SECONDS FLAT no less, Google delivered my info in the blink of an eye! In fact... I just used Google a moment ago to be sure I had the correct date for Hurricane Andrew. ( actually, I thought it was 1994 but whatever) Like whoever thought in a million years we'd be able to get any answer to any question by just typing a couple of key words and bingo. ANSWERS APPEAR. Correct answers, too!

Makes no difference what I'm searching for, either. Recipes, software, clothing labels, correct grammar, whatEVER. Actually... thanks to Google, my girlfriends and I once searched it and lo and behold we saw for the first time what an uncircumcised man looked like! Who the hell knew?? Talk about an educational tool, right? No pun intended, btw. Wait... maybe it was Internet Explorer that taught us that; I can't remember.

But regardless... I just can't say enough about Google itself. Nor apparently can others for get this... Google is now a word onto itself in the dictionary. And it totally deserves to be there. Imagine our telling our grandmothers: OKAY GRANNY... LET ME GOOGLE IT ON MY CELLULAR DEVICE AND SEE WHAT THE NET HAS TO SAY AND THEN WE'LL SKYPE AND AS LONG AS MY MODEM IS WORKING CORRECTLY, I'LL THEN TELL YOU WHAT I FOUND OUT.

Besides... I was with five others tonight when we were out to dinner and wanna guess how many times we used my cellphone to Google info that we needed IMMEDIATELY? As in: what dress size was Marilyn Monroe? And... list of Edith Wharton books. I mean... talk about incredible. Had the answers in SECONDS.

Maybe I'm a Google junkie or something for I have to admit... I Google MANY things each and every day. Oh... I could live without a stove or even half my collection of shoes, for sure. But Google?? ABSOLUTELY NEVER. It's like my very own personal life line to everything I'd ever need to know in the entire whole wide world. And apparently, I need to know ALOT. 

Which is why I adore Google and consider it by far, the best invention EVER. Hey... the daily Google designs alone, are STUPENDOUS. I have no clue who Mr. Google is but man do I ever have major gratitude for him. I bet you do, too. And if not... then hell. You've totally got to go Google it immediately to find out what your problem is. For trust me... if you don't idolize Google as I do, then sorry Charlie... you DO have a problem.        

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