Thursday, July 24, 2014


For some crazy reason, my body is taking over my recent food choices. Case in point: after several years of dining several times a week on chicken and salmon, one day about five months ago... my body simply rebelled. NO MORE OF THAT HEALTHY CRAP, PLEASE. I NEED HARD CORE MEAT ONCE AGAIN!! AND A LOT OF IT, TOO!

So.... starting last January, for three months straight, I ate and/or made every kind of meat possible. From pot roast (my alltime favorite) to beef ribs to steaks to hamburgers. From roast beef sandwiches to kosher hotdogs to skirt steak. (also my favorite)  My cravings were absolutely for carnivorous foods only. Name the beef, I ate it. And with plenty of delight too, I might add. I'm actually still into that particular addiction as we speak.

Then, in addition to the chicken/salmon rebellion... for some inexplicable reason... my body also decided to rebel against my late night addiction to popcorn. THAT'S IT. GET RID OF THAT CRAPPY TASTING POPCORN AND MOVE ONTO SOMETHING HALFWAY DECENT. EVEN IF IT'S BAD. JUST MOVE ON. So bingo. I did.

It all began with the beginning of summer which is not only my least favorite season... that's an understatement at best... but a season which I just simply detest. The heat of summer puts me in a crap ass mood and I just want to sit in my house and veg out for 12 long weeks until autumn arrives. Which btw is the only saving grace of enduring the summer.

That said... to help me make through the summer months, one day in June I decided to buy a box of sugar free Popsicles. Big mistake. I needed THREE  boxes. Who the hell knew I would become SO addicted to these most delicious treats ever. And that I would eat four of them about 4 o'clock every afternoon and then 4 more before bedtime! THEY ARE FANTASTIC! And... they cool you down in no time at all. Oh yeah. Thank God I bought the 20 pack box. 

Bear in mind that when I say 4... I really mean 2. Because unlike when I grew up, when Popsicles came 2 sticks attached to each other, nowadays they come in mere halfsies. As in: individual sticks. But trust me... I am eating way more in a sitting than anyone other than a sumo wrestler should be having. But... I CAN'T HELP IT. THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS I TOTALLY NEED A NICE HEFTY HELPING TO QUENCH MY APPARENT RIDICULOUS CRAVINGS. Honestly... I should be a spokesperson for this company or something.

What I love most are the cherry, grape and maybe the pineapple flavors. But for the pineapple, you have to buy the sugar free TROPICAL Popsicle box. Which naturally I did. I am so telling you... my freezer looks like I'm the Good Humor man readying his stash for the next business day. Believe me... I'd love to go around the neighborhood selling these deals to the kids. The higher cost I would charge for each one, could easily off set the monies I am spending on my OWN consumption.

The best news btw is: they have only 15 calories each, I think. No sugar, no carbs, no whatever else and of course... no nutrition. But who's counting. They DO have however, the best flavor ever and the ability to bring down your body temp in a heartbeat. Until I'm like almost freezing inside, actually. WARNING: try to turn up the a.c. thermostat before you down 4 of these. You'll be glad you did.

Anyway... just how long this new twice daily addiction will be in play, I can't tell you. But I am so going to enjoy this ride til my body begins craving something else entirely. I suspect once the afternoon temps stay in the mid 70s let's say... I'll have to consider some OTHER addiction, I think. 

Which is going to be interesting. I love listening to my body and I'm pretty tuned into it so I'm kinda eager to hear what it's going to tell me next. On the other hand... if my body decides to crave things like daily chocolate layer cake or bowls of rocky road ice cream OOPS. I'll be in way big trouble!

Dear God... please let me become to addicted to sliced granny smith apples next time. Or maybe even raisins. Thank you God. Amen. 

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