Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Oh man... I just can't believe it. All my sweet, childhood dreams of romantic love have suddenly all been shot to hell and I'm heartbroken. Dreams that I've loved and enjoyed for over 50 years. It happened last night and I have no clue when I'll be able to actually wrap my head around it all. IT'S CRUSHING.

As many of you may know... I have been enamored with everything Royal ever since I was a 16 year old in high school. It began with a book that I got from my school library all about the Duke of Windsor having given up his throne for the love of a woman. That particular woman being: Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced American, heavy into social climbing. A woman that the British people would never never ever allow to become Queen, let alone even consort to King Edward VIII. Which btw, he never became and is the total reason why we even have Queen Elizabeth II today. Anyway...

Turns out the British needn't have worried for rather than give up Wallis, Edward decided to give up becoming King. Whoa. Now THERE'S a love story if ever there was and I fell for it hook, line and sinker as only a teen aged love struck school girl possibly could. Besides... I was in the throes of my very first true love myself so what can I say. It was just oh so romantic for a girl ruled by her heart and I was a sucker for it all.

And... ever since then, I've thrillingly adored every single word I've ever read about the English monarchy from that day forward. Thus, I've read PLENTY, you can be sure. Then last night... THE FANTASTICAL ROMANCE AND TRUE LOVE BETWEEN EDWARD AND WALLIS CAME TO A CRUSHING HALT FOR ME. To say that I've not been the same since is an UNDERstatement at best.

Granted. Wallis has had HORRIBLE press ever since this love story first came to be known. The Brits hated her. The royal family hated her. The newspapers hated her. The government hated her. HORDES of people hated her. Why? Easy. She was the supposed slut who stole the King from his people. Except: NEWS FLASH:


WHAT THE FUCK?? Hoax I say. HOAX! But... alas, the last laugh is on me.

Turns out: as long as he was Prince, Wallis was having a ball. Imagining she'd have to be at his side while King... uh... thanks but no thanks. Apparently Wallis never loved him all THAT much, afterall!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? THE ROMANCE DIDN'T MEAN ALL THAT MUCH TO HER AFTER ALL THE HISTORICAL SHENANIGANS OF ALMOST DESTROYING THE ENTIRE MONARCHY?? Oh my God. WHO THE HELL KNEW??

Certainly not Edward, I'll tell you that. Besides, he had SUCH an obsessed love for Wallis he wouldn't HEAR of her not marrying him and next thing you know... in spite of her saying I'm not really so sure anymore that I want to go through with this... she found herself way too deep into everything, that she basically HAD to marry Edward. Oh man... what a reversal of the greatest love story ever!! Perfect example of: be careful what you wish for! Man... talk about an explosive shock to my romantic system.

So how do I now know all this intriguing new information?? Because lo and behold on PBS last night, I saw a special broadcast showing the actual letters Wallis Simpson had written during this entire historical crisis. Love letters no less, and guess what? THEY WEREN'T TO EDWARD.

Instead they were to MR. SIMPSON who coincidentally Wallis was... with deep regret, come to find out... divorcing at the moment! 

It would take too long to spell out all the details here but suffice it to say yes, both Mr. and Mrs. Simpson moved on to marry others BUT they also had very very tender feelings for each other in 1936. Had the Duke of Windsor known this he would have freaked, I am sure, But nonetheless, I am also sure he'd have married Wallis regardless. Edward's frightening obsessive adoration for the love of his life would have left him no other choice. The man was weirdly, completely, eccentrically, addicted to this woman until the day he died.

Which brings me to the bottom line: Talk about love going all wrong! Oh... it was fine for the Duke but for the rest of the Duchess' life, she sorta treated Edward like crapola. And the more she did, the more he catered to her each and every whim. Go figure.

All I know is that the Duke of Windsor must be rolling over in his grave today given the fact that Prince Charles actually MARRIED his mistress... Camilla. To hell with the Church of England. To hell with the fact that Camilla was also a divorced woman. Let alone the downfall of poor Diana's marriage. Plus... after all the hoopla about Edward wanting Wallis to have a title of Her Royal Highness, turns out there is a good possibility that Camilla could even become a titled Queen. EEEKS. Whether or not she ever WILL become Queen is up for grabs. Half the Kingdom says absolutely not while the other half says OK... what the hell. It's 2014 now. 

Which means: it's almost a totally good thing the Duke of Windsor has already kicked the bucket. Were he to know just how far the British Monarchy and the British people have come since his abdication over Wallis and her title, I can guarantee you... he'd kick the bucket in seconds flat all over again. 

As for me... oh I may be crushed alright but I'll still never give up on authentic true love. It's in my blood. In blue blood, too.

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