Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Ahh... if only. For there is definitely something to living life as a royal. You get so many choices and better yet, you get to request that your staff carry out almost any wish that may pop into your head. Including times you might feel like you just want to take a time out from the rest of the world. Kinda like Greta Garbo: I VANT TO BE ALONE. Geez... now THAT'S something I could easily learn to live with.

Being that I am NOT royal however, means that I sort of have to roll with the punches and deal with all sorts of intrusions any time, day or night. Without anyone filtering them for me, either. Could be the phone. Could be friends dropping in at the last minute. Could be text messages. Could be ANYthing. Unless of course...

People would just please obey THIS SIGN! For a variety of reasons, it just knocks my socks off. The fact that I could hang this regal sign up and then know that I've got peace and quiet any time I want, is just fantastic if you ask me. And... to imagine that it is a Queen's directive is all the better.

I got this sign as a birthday present last May. I fell in love with it immediately! First of all... it's a LARGE sign. Second of all, it's a royal command. Third of all, it touts authority. And forth of all, I should only BE so lucky as have people obey my wishes. You're a pain the ass, for example? Perfect... I will NOT be listening to you! You're full of crap? No problem. I will NOT be talking to you, either. You're God forbid lying to me? I have no need for you whatsoever. You get the picture... you simply may not have an audience. End of discussion.

What really gets me however is that this gift was purchased for me way before my birthday! Someone saw it. Someone thought of me. Boom. Someone bought it for me. Knowing of course, I'd be having a birthday in a few months. Talk about knowing your target audience. I opened this gift while sitting out on their deck, sipping wine and then whammo. I jumped for joy when I saw it! How absolutely perfect was this for me! I just loved it.

As I love it today. What's even better is that if I DO want to hang with you then yippee. No problem. All I have to do is remove the inner NOT part of the sign and boom. You're granted my full attention.

Frankly... I think it's a perfect way for a couple to give a heads' up for their romantic intentions for the evening, btw. As in: no need to guess what the likelihood of your scoring may be that particular night. The Queen is accepting an audience? Bingo. You're good to go. She is not... oops. Try again tomorrow night. Actually now that I think about it... I can probably think of a zillion ways this sign can come in pretty handy. Just another perk of living like a Queen. Ahh... if only.  

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