Saturday, July 12, 2014


I am not normally a particularly patient woman. I hate waiting. For almost everything. Make me wait too long on line, for my order to appear at the table or be backed up in traffic and I could EASily become one mighty unhappy woman. On the other hand, maybe there IS something to the old saying: GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. In this case, I waited about at least year and a half.

See that ring on my finger up above? It's one of my alltime favorite rings that I wear pretty much every day. Well... I DID wear it everyday until one day BOOM. IT DISAPPEARED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Teresa and I have been looking for it everywhere, for way over a year. REALly looking for it, too! And alas... to no avail, damnit. So basically... I just got used to the idea the ring was kaput and one day when I kick the bucket, my kid will clear everything out of my house and then HE'LL find it.

Then the other day... what should occur but... as I was taking a plastic bag out of my bathroom closet, I found a bag from a department store here in town and GUESS WHAT. I found the ring!!! I was in absolute utter shock and happy amazement. THIS is where the ring has been hiding all this time!! YIPPEE. I CAN WEAR IT AGAIN! I couldn't WAIT to tell Teresa which I showed her as soon as I saw her yesterday. She was as stunned as I was, believe you me. And, just as thrilled. It was like a major miracle occurred for me!

I am assuming what must have happened was: I was at the department store, bought a ring one day, took off this black one, put it in my bag, and whammo. Wore the NEW ring home. Naturally once I got home, I emptied the bag of my purchases, absolutely not realizing the ring was left, still at the bottom of the bag. I put the plastic bag away and next thing you know... I've lost my favorite black ring for ever and ever.

Well... for almost two years, anyway. The lost ring broke my heart, but I must admit, I did have about 50 other fashion ring choices in my jewelry case to help ease the pain. You can check them out in picture down below. Of course I also have other "fine" jewelry rings but those are kept in a different place altogether.  

It's sorta hard for me to decide which my actual favorite is: rings, bracelets or earrings. Given I lost my dearly treasured initial necklace a couple of years ago, I am now somewhat numbed about necklaces but whatever. I guess if I HAD to choose... hmmm.... I suppose I'd have to say rings are my true favorite pieces of jewelry. Kinda like Queen Victoria who trust me... had definite JEWELS. The fact rings have now become huge oversized statement pieces and often filled with plenty of bling is simply icing on the cake for me. Definitely up my alley!

I happen to think that along with shoes... a woman can simply never have too many jewels. You just never know what mood will strike you as you dress each day, thus you basically need to have huge selections to help match mood. Let alone the outfit. Lucky for me however, I not only have plenty of shoes but also... plenty of jewelry, too. ESPECIALLY my favorite black ring once again. Thank you God for making me smile. Amen.

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