Monday, July 29, 2013


Up. My. Alley. That's all I can tell you. I heard this song and totally fell in love with it immediately. I even went to YouTube and was able to log in to view the XXX Rated version which is pretty cool. Sexy to say the LEAST. Including Robin Thicke himself. But the girls?? OMG. Don't ask.

Like how lucky is Robin that the girls are doing this video with him almost totally nude. Talk about hot asses! IT'S CRIMINAL that women have an ass like this. I am sooooooo jealous it's unbelievable. In the meantime however... forget about the girls. Wait til you see Robin's BLUE EYES. To die for.

As for the song... I was pulling into my car dealership to have an oil change this afternoon, listening to Howard Stern on my satellite car radio. Howard had been interviewing Robin Thicke which I was pretty much enjoying but then WHOA. All of a sudden I heard Robin perform this song in Howard's studio and I went nuts. Mainly because I was now entangled in a major dilemma. LISTEN TO THE SONG FINISH OR... GET OUT OF THE CAR FOR THE SERVICE DEPT?? What's a girl to do?

Turns out what I did was: give my keys to the guy and then immediately grab my cell phone so I could get to YouTube to hear/watch the video. I was in sheer heaven practically dancing all over the place as Robin was singing. TALK ABOUT GOOD LOOKING. Plus... as I said, I love the song, too.

Now I don't know whether or not you have a YouTube account. If you do, you'll be able to view the sexed out version. If not, then listen to this version which has the lyrics for you. There is simply no way you can be happy and alive and NOT tap your toes to this tune.

Which is why I'm thinking that there should so be condos just for: Happening Senior Citizen Singles Only so we could all have parties galore and dance all night long while toking or drinking champagne and listening to songs like this. Let alone what could hopefully occur during the After Party if you catch my drift. Talk about FUN, right? On the other hand...

I can so promise you not ONE of the senior citizens, male or female, will ever have bodies like this. But that's okay. That's where mere gratitude comes in.  

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