Saturday, July 20, 2013


I have to admit... not only am I on Baby Watch for the next heir or heiress to the English throne, but also... I'm pretty damn excited about this birth, too. It reminds me of when I myself was past due for delivery of my son... and everyday I got hordes of phone calls inquiring... ANYTHING YET??? Man, I would so love to call the Duchess of Cambridge and say SO?? YOU FEELING ANYTHING?? Granted, I'm not on Kate's A List, so that pretty much is never going to happen but believe you me... I'm pretty close to all types of media lately so I'll be right smack on top of the news when it's released.

As much as I adored Diana's wedding, I must say I adored Kate's just as much. Maybe even more given that HER husband is so much more a gentleman in the purity and integrity department than his father ever was. At least William married a woman he truly loves. Seriously... it is just so damn sad to me that Diana had such high hopes for a loving, joyful marriage only to find out that from the absolute get go... Charles was a fucking liar. He never adored Diana. He never really loved Diana. And he never considered giving up his devotion to a mistress.

Granted, Diana may have been an emotional handful, but geez... what the hell did he EXPECT if he was going to make it a three way marriage? Of COURSE she'd go nuts. Which is why I'm pretty thrilled that it was she who always grabbed all the love and attention and headlines of the world... as opposed to Charlie himself. Who completely sucks btw. Anyway... we all know the tragedy of Diana, so no need to dwell on that crap.

Instead I take total glory in knowing that what in fact, saved the entire future of the monarchy, is without a doubt the marriage of William and Kate. After all the sordid soap operas of the Queen's children, finally... a genuine reason appeared, to ensure that the adoration of the Royals will once again be cherished. A reason that is, by way of: WILLIAM AND KATE. Theirs thank God is a love story that had a huge dose of reality and dignity. Theirs is a marriage that has been created in true modern perspectives. And theirs is a coronation that's killing me since I'll never be able to even see it given I'll be long gone when it actually occurs. Damnit. Which only means: I'M SO PSYCHED ABOUT THIS ROYAL BIRTH.

I can't even IMAGINE what the nursery will look like, but ten to one... I bet it'll be toned down compared to past nurseries. Which is a shame since I'd kill to create the baby's room for a REAL Prince or Princess. I myself would have the designer deck out the place to the elegant nines, but that's just me. In fact... in the pictures up above, you can see a couple of ideas that sorta struck my fancy. Especially since if I were able to have an outrageously stunning nursery for my kid... can you imagine what that would mean in terms of what my OWN bedroom could look like as well?? I'm telling you... I was born to dream of wealth and perks.

So basically this all boils down to the fact that like the rest of the world, I'm dying to hear news of the royal birth. If I were smart, I'd even have a Baby Shower Luncheon much like the Pre Wedding Luncheon I actually had to celebrate the April marriage. THAT luncheon was so incredible and plenty of fun! Regardless... my gut is telling me I bet it's going to be a boy but Kate's gut tells me she's carrying as if it's a girl. On the other hand, the one thing I AM sure of is that there will never be any Royal Bris. Which... in case you care btw... Charles is cut. William and Harry, due to Diana's insistence, are not.

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