Saturday, July 27, 2013


I totally love this picture. Mainly because I have this crazy ass affinity for Smokey the Bear. And it apparently became heightened once I actually moved here to the Smoky Mountains. Where there are LOTS of forests. And where as you already know: only YOU can prevent forest fires.

One day years ago, I was online, saw this particular picture of Smokey and fell in love with it immediately. His expression just thrills me. Plus... if you've ever checked out other Smokeys throughout the years, you'll see there are zillions of different images of him. THIS image however is by far my favorite. So much so that when I saw it... I copied and pasted it into my imaging software, had it blown up and bingo. Had him framed to hang on my kitchen wall. I wished I could explain it but suffice it to say that for some reason he simply exemplifies everything wonderful about my having moved to Western NC.  

Okay. So Smokey has hung on my kitchen wall for years. Then... when I moved to my new house, naturally once again, I hung him in my new kitchen. I don't know. Maybe it's his eyes. His coloration. Who the hell knows. All I can tell you is that I smile every time I look at him. Anyway...

A few years ago, my kid was at home and together we took this label maker I have and we walked all throughout the house, pasting a label above every switch plate I have in every room. Most have double switches on the plates and some even three. It was kinda like: a little adventure my kid and I went on one afternoon to entertain ourselves. And... I was killing two birds with one stone given: as I walked around in all the rooms, I would say aloud what switch went to what feature, and my son would then print out the description so we could put the label right smack above each switch plate.

This way... I knew exactly what switch to press for what. As in: the ceiling fan vs. the ceiling lights. Or the doorway lights vs. the walkway lights. Or the outside deck lights vs. the outdoor flood lights. Etc. Etc. This entire process took about 45 mins. let's say and we had a pretty good time doing it. So much so that I'm thinking my son wasn't really yet ready to put the label maker away for... get a load of this... one day about three weeks later, I take a look at Smokey and lo and behold, next thing I know, I'm looking at THIS:

OMG. I INSTANTANEOUSLY BURST OUT LAUGHING. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. WHAT?? CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?? WHO THE HELL DID THAT?? Well actually, the culprit was pretty easy to figure out given I knew I didn't do it. Boom. It had to have been my son. I took one look at Smokey and completely thought this was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. Can you imagine?? Talk about sacrilegious, right?? Who the hell would ever want to dis such a sweet innocent looking little bear? Uh... apparently my kid does.

In the meantime, I got such a chuckle out of this that I've never changed a thing about the picture and just as you see it now, is the way it hangs in my house to this very day. And I still laugh every time I look at him. Which is crazy since you go into OTHER peoples' homes and find grand pieces of masterpiece artwork only to walk into MY house and find FUCK SMOKEY on my wall. Talk about a total switch up in the Fine Arts department. 

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