Monday, May 8, 2017


Celllll -a-brate good times... come on! Thank you Kool and the Gang, btw, for that happy little tune. Which actually is a wonderful way to begin a fun party with friends and family. Which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago in honor of my kid.

As you may know, I am over the moon that my son left Miami last August and decided to live in a place where life is soooo much better for one's soul, ease of life and yes, even your pocketbook. I should know. I've been living here for 15 years now and believe you me, I've never looked back. But to have imagined my kid too, would one day be here, puts me way over the moon. The delight I have in knowing I can see him any damn time I want is totally fantastic. Not to mention my no longer having to hop an airplane, go through security and visit the warmest city on the planet to visit him.

What is even more fantastic however is: a couple of months ago,he has passed his NC Board Exam for Physician Assistant and yippee, yippee. He's now about to begin working for a major sports medicine/orthopedic surgical office about 20 minutes away from my house! OMG. How lucky could I possibly be for such a happy turn of events! Who knew he'd kiss my much hated Florida goodbye and wind up in my beloved Smokey Mountains? Talk about making a great decision! Besides... his having hospital privileges and the ability to write scripts is totally excellent music to my ears. 

In the meantime... we recently decided to celebrate this new job with fun and feast by hosting a Sunday brunch. My alltime favorite brunch, btw. It's almost like: which am I more excited about? My son's new position or enjoying an exceptional buffet of scrumptious food. There was 22 of us in total and I do have to say we all had a fabulous time. We had a private room which was pretty interesting since the night before, when my kid and I went to set up the place cards and party favors, we could see right off the bat the table arrangement had to be switched up lickety split. The original arrangement was not working for us at all, but soon enough we had it straightened out and bingo. We got to work on placing the favors at each table setting.

Speaking of which I so loved what I did for the favors. It was nothing fancy at all and so something a second grader could easily do but what the gave one a clue as to what the celebration was kinda all about. Uh... in case a guest was an idiot and didn't know already. Besides, I was way too lazy to go all out do some remarkable tablescaping but I totally think that's just a result of my old age. Further... the country club had flowers, etc. to spruce up the table so things looked perfectly festive enough. That being said... 

First of all, I bought these baby little plastic cup holders with covers which I filled with orange Reece's Pieces and printed out a great small card to attach to each one saying: Take two and call me in the morning. I even put an Rx logo on it and frankly, if I say so myself... it put us all in the mood to have fun. 

The next thing I did was take plastic syringe shooters like the ones up above in the picture, and instead of filling it with liquor, like you're supposed to, I filled them with red licorice. Boom. You got the feeling of blood being drawn. I also made place cards and all of it was totally neat. Wait. Stop the clock. Who needs to tell you about it? I actually have a picture of all this! Duh. What an idiot I am. Here... check this out to get an idea.

In the meantime.... I have to say that all of us had quite a lovely time. My kid gave a short little speech thanking some people who were of significance, I gave a short little speech and all in all, we basically honored the happy P.A. to our excellent little city. What could be bad, right? Besides... I love enjoying happy times with happy people that I care about. Even more, I'm happy my kid got an excellent position with an surprisingly excellent salary! Who says money can't buy happiness??

I'm guessing btw, that my next celebration will be for ME... my birthday! I totally love my birthday and I do know that I want to keep it sweet and simple. Which should be easy given a friend of mine said they want to do a dinner party for me to which I naturally said: COUNT ME IN! Talk about no muss no fuss. 

Yippee. May is here!!

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