Friday, October 9, 2015


So today I figured I'd give you a heads up... no pun intended... about how my journey with my white hair is faring. In case I hadn't mentioned it sooner, I stopped coloring my hair last April. I'm pretty psyched about it, too. I totally decided I wanted to see what my natural hair color would be, way in the hopes I'd have white hair as beautiful as my Mother's.

I do not want salt and pepper and I certainly don't want dull grey. I want WHITE. Or pretty close to it, anyway. And according the Linda School of Probability, I'm thinking that by Christmas, I just may pretty be much there. And this is with SHORT hair, mind you. Had I still had my longer hair... it'd have been 4 years before it'd all be grown out! I cannot beLIEVE how long this project is taking!

In the beginning of this journey I checked ever 10 minutes to see if I yet had white hair. Now, it's only daily; particularly every time I walk past a mirror. Plus... I poll every person I've ever spoken to each time I see them, to ask what color they think my hair is. Many say: it's almost there! Almost all white. Others say I think it's kinda all silver. Which btw, I think might be the correct color. A light silver, I guess. And get this. For just as many who say white/silver, are just as many others who tell me my hair is still blonde!! Which pisses me off completely. I don't want blonde! I want white! Beautiful, stunning white!

Regardless... I have decided it all depends upon what sort of light under which I'm standing while questioning these people. In outdoor sunlight?? White! Indoor yellowish light bulbs? Blonde! Actually it's a mix of both at this point. As you can see in the picture up above, the longer side of my haircut is still blonde, but almost looks washed out by now. Getting this blonde all grown out in the front btw, will take forEVER, I see. What people with really dark roots do, I can't even imagine. At least with me, it blends in SOMEwhat when you see me in person.

So basically, I'm soooo looking forward to Christmas, by which time I'm praying that the blonde will totally be gone. But then again, I may have to make that New Year's at the rate I'm going. Hell. For all I know... it could be all the way to April before I'm all white and/or silver, which is exactly when I beGAN this journey in the first place. Man. Talk about having to be patient. I could have had a baby in this time period!! Well, wait. Time out. I could NOT have actually had a baby given I do believe you need to have a uterus to do so, right? Oops. But regardless, you get my point. I will say this however... whenever I wear black clothing, the light silver hair does sort of look fantastic, if you ask me. Add some incredible diamond earrings and bingo. I'm off to the races.  

In the meantime, you can tell by the picture up above sort of what I'm talking about here. See how f'ing long it's taking me to be rid of the blonde? And... trust me... I'm not a particularly patient woman, so this is a test, indeed. I mean seriously... I need to wait more than six months?? And... I've STILL got a long way to go. My beautician even got me some special kind of shampoo to cut the blonde a bit and bring out the white. It helps, but minimally, if you ask me. Believe me. If I DIDN'T want white... I bet it'd have been down to my shoulders by now. It's totally crazy.

Then of course, once it IS white... or whatever color... I then have decide whether or not I even like it. I'm thinking I will, but never say never. I will admit btw... the back is in fact already all white. I've gotten rave reviews but then again... these are probably the very same people who told me how perfectly fine I looked before I had my nip and tuck. Shows what they know. What I know... is that if this entire process takes this long for me, especially with such short hair, I can't even imagine how people with shoulder length hair even attempt such a journey. It borders on: can't be done! 

In closing let me just say: Ben Carson is a COMPLETE idiot. He expects kindergarteners to charge the assailant? Is he fucking nuts??? I hate you, Ben. And with that... only 80 more days until Christmas! 

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