Friday, October 9, 2015


Don't even get me STARTED on this character, Ben Carson. I so hate him, it's ridiculous. Which is something I alluded to in my last posting. How he ever became second in the Republican polls is beYOND me. Even as a top notch surgeon, I'm not even sure I'd be able to handle him given he speaks as if he's been on downers for YEARS. Add to that the simply ludicrous things he says and boom. You have a total idiot at your finger tips. 

Naturally, I can't get past his creationism, especially since he is a scientist of sorts. Must have been SOME college science course he took, alright. Secondly... really? He thinks we should go ahead and charge towards a mentally disturbed guy holding an assault rifle or semi automatic or God knows what else, pointed right at us and hence stop the massacre?? Is he nuts?? Would not crouching behind or under something that could block his view be a better tactic in such a case? 

On the other hand... were Ben with me when being attacked with gun fire then yippee. I'll GLADLY push him right smack into the aim of fire. As I've noted before... for Carson to imagine the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary should have ran right up to the shooter rather than seek hidden protection is in my mind not only disturbing, but more so, depraved. God almighty. How scary IS this guy, anyway? 

As if that's not enough... what about Ben Carson's latest deal? The Holocaust could have had much lesser evils had the German citizens only had lots more personal weapons. No need to really have done away with Hitler himself. Instead... its gun control that was the problem! I shudder to think: so then, exactly just how many Gestapo police you think would invade a Jewish home in the middle of the night and say... I'm here to steal your art, gold, jewelry, children and lives but oh yeah. You can keep all your guns. Oh man... I am totally this far from wanting to throw up. 

And oh yeah... Carson had the NERVE to compare Obamacare with slavery!! Plus as way of bolstering his point about homosexuality being a choice, he said: going to prison as a heterosexual will totally make you gay by the time you're out. I am telling you... if ONE person in this country votes this man into ANY office they should be shot on the spot. Though be careful. Ben will come right smack at you. Besides I would SO love to see who it is that casts a vote his way. I pray it's only two people. Ben himself and then his wife.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this lunatic. The frightening thing of course is that Carson is SECOND IN THE POLLS. Oh my God. The world HAS gone crazy. Way quicker than I originally thought. Which reminds me.... HOW MUCH AM I LOVING ALL THE CHAOS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES?? The Republicans are in a complete frenzy and I'm tickled pink. Which I really shouldn't be, given this is all going to prove just how dysfunctional our entire government has become. 

Which can't possibly be a good thing. Remember the days when the House actually got things done to better our lives? Actually passed laws that helped the citizens of the U.S.? Actually understood the concept of working for the people. Let alone understood the concept of compromise?

Given all this Ben bullshit btw, Donald Trump almost looks like Winston Churchill. Or FDR. Even JFK. Granted... each of those men had their flaws but still... they were statesmen, nevertheless. Seriously... you have to go to Google, search crazy Ben quotes and bingo. You won't believe what stupidity this man voices. Case in point: dead bodies are better than gun control. Can you beLIEVE it??    

My only saving grace about Ben is that if you ask me... there is NO way the Republicans would want 2 black men in a row as President. So there. I've ranted and raved all I can for the moment. Besides... in just the time it took me to write this entry, I've been to the bathroom THREE TIMES since my stomach is totally all in knots over this man. Should he ever become the nominee... I can only pray Kim is his running mate and then for SURE I'm packing my bags. And in closing...

Indeed... I took the month of September off from posting any entries. Not intentionally, mind you, but whatever. I totally thank all those who've written to me, asking when the hell am I getting back to my blog. In that vein... bingo. Here you are... 3 new postings! The first two were sitting on the sidelines until I did some proofing, etc. thus I figured I'd wait for the third. 

I'm almost thinking I'll write next about the upcoming Democratic debate but am already pretty bored about it all since not one of the candidates thrill me in the least. In fact... given my huge issue on gun control, unless any of the candidates declare they're for outlawing guns altogether, I just may sit out the 2016 election. They're all fucking nuts.

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