Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Boo Hoo. Too bad for you.
Tee Hee. Yippee for me.

Oh man... how anyone could not want to live near me is simply unimaginable. Can you beLIEVE this is exactly what I see right smack from my bed when wake up each and every morning??? OMG is all I can say. It is just sooooo beautiful right now you almost have to get down on your knees and say a prayer every day, thanking God for living among the most stunning leaf coloration ever. It takes my breath away each and every year. And THIS year is simply magnificent. 

It also ALmost keeps me from staying on the road as I'm driving down the streets, given all I want to do is stare at the trees all over the city. I mean: like how much better can it possibly get that while you're out and about doing really crappy errands or whatever yet all you see is an amazing blue sky and trees of all colors. Brilliant red, orange and yellow. It's mind blowing is all I can say. Nature's paradise, for sure. I feel badly for those of you who have no idea of what I'm speaking. Let alone who cannot enjoy such beauty on a daily basis. Don't even get me STARTED on the fantastic cool temperatures, either.

Throughout the 13 years I've been living up here, I have taken hundreds of pictures of the autumn trees and/or leaves. I can't help it... it just never ceases to amaze me. Nor can I ever get enough. Even the really really cloudy days are stunning. I think I have one more time for my lawn man to come mow my yard before his break until Spring thus it's usually my clue to go get my annual pumpkins. I love having them on my doorstep outside my front door sort of as a homage to this favorite season of mine. Plus... because of the brisk weather... the pumpkins can easily last for a good six weeks.

Which reminds me by the way: for those of you keeping count, I am proud to say that I still have a good amount of pumpkin pie still left in my refrigerator which means I went way beyond my fear of downing it all before three days' time. Whew. I'm not a gluttonous freak afterall. I think I've had the pie for over a week so far, and I bet there is still about a quarter of it left. Thank God for small favors. Besides... pumpkin pie has fewer calories than lots of others, which is just the sort of news I love to hear. Anyway...

Mother Nature is indeed a powerful woman with powerful songs, alright. Uh... just think of the recent rains in Columbia, S.C. which by the way was but 2 hours away from me. Man... that was totally CRAzy. But while indeed, Mother N does do dramatic damage in all sorts of ways, all over the globe, what she provides in Autumn almost makes up for it all, in one fell swoop. What you see in the picture up above is THE exact reason I left South Florida and have never ever looked back. Plus... the temp outside right now is a fantastic 51 degrees. You just can't get better than that. Of course later this week it will go up to 65 for the high and that too, is meteorological magic.

The fact I can have my windows and doors opened all day long, having hard core fresh air dance throughout my house for a good 8 months of the year just makes me soooo very happy. For as you know... every summer I want to slit my wrists, enduring the heat and having the A.C. on 24/7. Which makes me think about all those hotel rooms that have windows which don't even ALLOW for opening, and how it is nothing short of sheer madness. Why anyone would want to block such a treat is beyond me. I totally can't stay at such a site. Gives a whole new meaning to: throwing your money out the window for being cheated except in this case, you literally CAN'T throw it out even if you wanted to. 

In the meantime, tonight was the first night that I wore my heavy winter coat. Not my mink coat, mind you but still... a heavy coat. 51 degrees afterall, is nothing to take lightly. So there you have it. I get to enjoy this stunning beauty and unfortunately many of you can not. And btw... even when it's 18 degrees outside during winter... I still wouldn't change where I live. Not for a million dollars. Well. Wait a minute. Then and only then would I ever reconsider. Afterall, I'm not a comPLETE idiot. But... don't be surprised if I stay put, regardless.

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