Thursday, May 29, 2014


Testing. Testing. Can you see me now? Testing. Testing. Uh... NOTICE ANYTHING DIFFERENT?? 

As in: it's summer time! As in: it's time to bring in some new color! Bingo. Mission accomplished.

LIKE MY NEW GLASSES?? Granted... every day of my life some stranger comes up to me and raves about my tortoise shell frames but these? I totally love them as much as the other ones!

It was about a month ago after having lunch next door to the optician's office, that I walked in and browsed around for a bit. Next thing you know I saw these red frames. Not like Sally Jesse thank God, but instead kinda like a translucent sort of happy red color. The minute I saw them I decided: Hey. Wait a minute. Maybe it's time I switch things up a bit with some color for the summer season. Which means in no time at all, I'm speaking to the optician, getting prices, getting the manufacturer, etc. etc.

Turns out the guy tells me this particular frame cost $280. So naturally, since these were to be sort of a fun pair, I took a second to ponder the cost and said: I'll tell you what. First let me see if I can find these online (which I bet the optician does too) and maybe I can order them at a lower price.

Uh... talk about good thinking on my part. Oh I found them alright... for almost half the price no less! Of course the cost of my lenses brought the summer look right smack way up to the top again but hey. There IS a cost for looking spiffy this summer, right? So boom. I got the frames sent to the house, brought them back to the optician, got my prescription put in and boom. There you have it...

My new glasses! I'm so telling you... they are happiest looking pair of glasses I've had in a long time! I particularly like pretending that they maybe even cast a nice rosy color on my cheeks even though I'm pretty sure they don't. But it doesn't matter. I love the look, regardless.

Oh yeah... you like the dopey pretend flamenco look I'm sporting there with the flower in my mouth? Like I'm ready to dance the tango or something? Yeah, well that's not happening anytime soon but it does make me chuckle, I have to admit.

In the meantime, get a load of this... my new alltime favorite love song! Whoa. I've been under a rock or something?? I went NUTS when I first heard it the other day... FINALLY. A LOVE SONG THAT GOES WAY ON TOP OF MY A LIST. I mean seriously. What could be a better way of capturing the sentiment AND has you dancing all over the place! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

Then of course when you get back together... you get to dance to another one of my alltime favorites... 

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