Tuesday, May 13, 2014


If you're a little old lady, the church going type who rarely swears and never goes down on your man then... uh... don't ever go to see Miley Cyrus in concert. You'd choke on her shenanigans. I of course am far from a church going lady but even I had to take a second look at the props she recently had on stage one night in London.


I totally wished my brother were still alive btw, to see what the hell has happened to music lately. He wouldn't believe it. Although I'm pretty sure he happily do a double take, much like I did when I saw this particular shot. I'm telling you... this girl has gone WAY too far if you ask me. Besides. I hate her guts ever since she completely ruined Robin Thicke's time on stage at the MTV Awards last year with that stupid f'ing foam finger and her equally disgusting tongue routine. Oh yeah... I'd also love for Bob to now see that performers are way into wearing only bras and g-strings on TV. But whatever.

Apparently that MTV performance was nothing however compared to the night Miley was in London. And mind you... this was only one prop of many that Miley used on stage that evening. She was also kinda humping a HUGE blow up of a male member, if you catch my drift. I mean seriously. We all get it. As George Michael likes to remind us: SEX IS NATURAL. SEX IS FUN. SEX IS BEST WHEN IT'S ONE ON ONE.

And I'm definitely in George's corner on this BUT MILEY? Man oh man. She SO needs to get a grip on what's sexy and what isn't. Beyonce sexy?? Definitely. Miley sexy? I'd rather throw up. Although I must admit... she does get an A in the twerking department but that doesn't even count anymore.

Regardless... when I saw this picture I totally had to blog about it. Not because I love it, but more because she's taken things way too far if you ask me. I mean... who IS her target audience anyway?? I guess it must be 14 year olds although I don't really think 14 year old teeny boppers need to be hit with all this fellatio bullshit. Nor with any freakishly horrible looking tongue hanging out, ready to lick anything on the planet, right smack in plain sight. Maybe the clergy is right... SOME things do need to be sheltered in the privacy of one's own home. Like Miley's entire existence for example. So far it's looking like the idiot Justin Bieber has finally met his match.

Now don't get me wrong. I am FAR from a prude, so that's not really an issue for me. I love suggestive. I love sexy. I love tease. But Miley has got it so terribly wrong that I feel badly for the teens who worship her. It's like she's proudly promoting the notion that THE FILTHIEST SLUT IMAGE POSSIBLE IS SUDDENLY QUEEN FOR THE DAY or something. Which is crazy since according to the Linda School of Turn On's, sex and seduction and music has wholly been lost on Miley. There are ZILLIONS of women who promote sexy soooooo much better than this Cyrus blow up crap.

Talk about a Wrecking Ball. And no... I don't mean Miley's #1 hit from... what a surprise... her Bangerz Album. I mean Miley herself. 

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