Monday, May 19, 2014


Well I guess if there is going to be any one occasion for me to milk something to it's fullest, it may as be one that is in my honor. As in: my birthday! Yippee. I'm now officially another year older in my personal quest for enjoying life. And, I sort of have to say... I'm feeling great. I look decent enough. And I have had zillions of wonderful birthday wishes all day today. So all in all... what a life!

The best wish of course was from my son. Although I do have to admit he DID call at 8:00 a.m. WHAT? DOES HE NOT KNOW ME?? However, I can't really gripe since he was apparently just minutes away from scrubbing up for assisting in some cardiac surgical procedure. Bless his heart. Uh... no pun intended. Then of course came all the Facebook posts, text messages, emails, ecards, snail mails, some great presents and... a stunning flower arrangement that was at my front door when I got home this afternoon. Man. You'd almost think that I was totally loved! Which I must say... I AM. Lucky me.

As you can see... I included one of my favorite cards up above there because when I opened it I simply burst out laughing! What a great card for me! Seriously... my birthday IS a big F-ing deal and I'm thrilled that Hallmark realizes it, too. Obviously so does the person who sent to me. GREAT CALL on the card selection, don't you think?

In fact, it's such a big deal that indeed, I have several happy times all lined up for celebrating. I had a great afternoon lunch today and I went out for an even better Japanese dinner tonight. I even have another celebration dinner lined up for Wednesday night and then two MORE items lined up for whenever I can fit them in later in the week. I know... it's crazy. But then again, I only turn 66 once for God only knows if I'll ever reach 67. So my theory is: milk it for all I can, while I can. Bingo. Mission accomplished.

One thought struck me this morning while I was dressing, btw. I was thinking... wow. I'm the oldest living child my parents ever had. It sort of startled me and as I always say... my parents would FLIP if they knew I was still kicking around, living life so happily and feeling so blessed after 66 years. They of course lived into their mid 80s but I'm totally not sure I'll ever see that. Either literally OR figuratively. Oh yeah... I almost forgot:

The first thing I did after speaking to my kid this morning was check my bedside thermometer. WHAT A PERFECT DAY! TEMP WAS 47 DEGREES when I woke up! The second thing I did, before I opened my email this morning, was to naturally check out my horoscope. I figured I might as well first find out what the hell sort of day my birthday would be like before I got the ball rolling. There was nothing particularly earth shattering on that front, so after reading email, the third thing I did was to go to my closet to choose the same sort of clothing I wear on EVery one of my birthdays: FIND AN ALL WHITE OUTFIT. White is my absolute favorite color so I like wearing it each year, and in no time at all, boom. Outfit was selected. Am still wearing it now, as we speak, btw... in case anyone's interested.

The fourth thing I did today was answer all the incoming calls which I just have to mention... after my son calling, who should be next?? LUZ!! MY ALLTIME FAVORITE PERSONAL ASSISTANT FROM 15 YEARS AGO!! Luz calls every year and a birthday wouldn't be the same if I didn't hear from her. So yay. My day was off to a very happy start. And the good news... it ended just as happy as it began.

All I can say is: I am sooo very blessed to have so many wonderful loved ones in my life. Especially those who help celebrate my birthday with me. Maybe THAT'S the reason it's such a big F-ing deal every year. For it gives me a chance to be reminded of just how damn lucky I really am. Or... on the other hand... 

Maybe it's such a big deal because I SO love having my very own birthday cake! White cake with white icing. Yeah. That's the ticket. Now I know for SURE it's my birthday! Bottom line? Thank you to everyone who helped bring a smile to my face today and who send such sweet wishes my way every day. After all... according to the Linda School of Happy Events... my birthday is ALways major big deal. 


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