Sunday, June 2, 2013


Man. I just knew it wouldn't last. Sure enough... the temps are in the 80s.... granted only low 80s so far... but summer is definitely here and I'm none to pleased about it either. I so hate heat.

So much in fact that see that fan off to the side? It's one that I assembled earlier today. And I DO mean assembled. No one part was ever attached to another part... but I do have to say that I have no reason whatsoever to bitch since it was totally easy to put together. Thank God.

As it happens, every room in my house has a ceiling fan. Except for two, that is. There isn't one in my dining room nor in my kitchen. And in summer I sorta NEED an extra boost in the kitchen when I'm busy whipping up intense gourmet meals like let's say a bowl of Cherrios or a melted tuna sandwich. Or when I'm drilling, painting, cutting fabric, or God only knows what. 

Which is where this extra fan comes in. I guess I could have a ceiling fan installed but 1.) this one is way cheaper and 2.) if I went the ceiling fan route I'm picturing all my papers, projects, utensils, etc. would be flying all over the place. Enter: a free standing pedestal fan. I happened to pick this up at Costco actually, when I was there last month.

In the meantime, see how nice and tall it's standing in the picture up there?? See how absolutely perfect it looks like it's going to work out? Yeah... well think again. Because while everything about this deal is indeed great, I do have one slight glitch. That nice tall height??? Uh... it lasts for all of about 30 seconds before it begins to slide way down to the bottom. Kinda like in the picture below. Geez... so not good.

I know. Total bummer. Believe you me... I tried turning the interior plastic screw PLENTY in hopes that it would hold the extension rod up like its supposed to. But apparently, no such luck. For as I said... oh it'll remain tall alright, but also as I said... for seconds only. Maybe 60 at most. Somehow the plastic screw threads are not really doing the job which only means I have to now go to plan B. Damnit.

Meaning: I see now that I'll have to call my buddy Maxie and describe my problem to him for I know he can help. He always does. I'm thinking that maybe we can get a plastic and/or rubber O ring to stick inside somewhere so the inner extension can't slip down, even though it's supposedly screwed tightly. Actually now that I think about it, maybe there even WAS one included in the box, but I really doubt it. I did read the easy instructions and they never once mentioned anything about a support ring. Which is too bad, since it so needs it.

On the other hand, this fan is FANTASTIC. <---- Nice tag line, right?? I turned it on as soon as I got it all assembled and was practically BLOWN AWAY. Literally AND figuratively. You can't believe it... it's like you've got a baby indoor hurricane going on when you put it on top speed. Which is why btw, I immediately moved it to it's lowest speed.

All in all... I'm pretty impressed with this fan, I must say. And believe me... I'll be using it all summer long. Of course my kid will want to use it all WINTER long since it's never too cold for him ever. Honestly... 32 degrees outside? Who needs a coat?? Ramp up the A.C! But whatever.

For now I'm just thinking I'll be pleased as punch once I get the damn thing to stay raised. Better yet... during all the months when it's too chilly for the A.C. but you still need a little breeze happening, boom. This will be perfect. Which is sorta funny considering the one time I NEVER use my ceiling fan is when I go to sleep. In Florida I couldn't consider NOT using it. Here? All of a sudden I totally hate a breeze blowing on me while snoozing. It's like I've become draft sensitive.

And you know what that means, don't you? It's the first tell tale sign that OMG. I'm OLD!

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