Friday, August 20, 2021



You better sit down for this... it’s a crazy story, alright…

So quite accidentally, during the height of lockdown last year due to Covid 19, I met a friend on an online game I play. I knew nothing about this person nor did they know anything about me. Actually, for all I knew I could have been playing with a 14 year old idiot. I was wrong.

Turns out, this person was not only FAR from an idiot, but someone who was my age, someone with whom, come to find out, I shared a lot in common and someone whose brilliance struck me immediately. Their sense of humor was SO quick and so up my alley thus, I spent many a happy hour almost giddy over the pandemic given I was laughing my ass off while playing this online game daily

Best of all, we shared a HUGE dislike of Trump, both of us tremendously fearful of his re-election in 2020. Which is the reason we even connected in the first place since the Trump cartoon they used for their avatar was totally irreverent and hilarious. Put all this together and before you know it, we began a most wonderful new friendship. One which slowly but surely, over the year, grew... and soon before you knew it, we began to spark a deeper feeling for each other. Little by little we then began to slowly learn more about each other and well… you can pretty much figure out where all this is leading. Eventually we did email, then several months later, we did phone and by the beginning of this year, we even did FaceTime. 

Finally, this past May, we had both become vaccinated so there was only one thing left to do. You guessed it…


I know. A courageous thing for us to consider, but after all this time, we had high hopes for what could possibly be a happily remarkable adventure. At our age? EEKS. But… we had complete trust in this friendship and in each other, so we took the plunge and decided to make plans to meet. I invited him to my home for a 2 week visit and I can not TELL you what a wonderful time we had together! Really. Am I a brave woman or what? Well… he must be too, but who’s counting. But never for one minute did I think this visit was going to be anything BUT stupendous. And boy, I was right!

In any case… talk about a miracle of miracles. I mean, seriously… at our age, who even exPECTS to find someone about whom you could so become crazy? Certainly I never did nor do I think he did, either. Enter: karma. Talk about God working in mysterious ways.

Anyway, we luckily ended that visit with even richer feelings about this new relationship and lo and behold… guess who will be moving here next spring, so we can live out the rest of our lives in sheer bliss? WHOA. Am I a lucky woman or what? And… want to guess who is here right now as we speak, for yet anOTHER visit? This time for a delightful 5 weeks! Uh… could I BE any happier? Man. This is all just so crazy, but oh so fantastic. Talk about good things come to those who wait. 

Of course we are still pretty much freaked by Covid, for it only seems to be getting worse. Lucky for me however, this gentleman is basically as lazy as I am thus we spend pretty much all day long just hanging around the house with no particular place to go. Well… except to make runs to different restaurants for food pick ups. When we don’t do that, I pretty much whip up a perfectly fine meal here at home. I just can’t get over what a perfect match up this is for enjoying the company of someone who doesn’t require a lot of busyness. Plus... a major bonus: he likes to stay up late and arise even later. So up my alley.

I mean… let’s say this was the sort of person who couldn’t wait to wake up at 7:00, ready to hit the hiking trails. Or hit the gym for a good workout for a couple of hours. Now THAT could have been a deal breaker, alright. Nope. Instead, he is very content to hang out in the recliner, iPad in hand, watching Fear Thy Neighbor which btw… is something I would NEVER before have considered viewing yet happens to be a pretty decent show afterall. At least for the first 20 times you watch it.

The episodes are all true stories and pretty much entails a happy little neighborhood, with happy little people. Until that is, a new neighbor and his family moves in and boom. The new neighbor decides all is not particularly to his liking so bingo. He needs to kill one of other neighbors in just a month or two. I know… for a couple of highly informed and educated people we apparently require very low brow programming.

Another thing I love about this relationship is that it is just so easy. No worries about building a career, no worries about raising our children, now worries about bullshit in-laws, and no need to dress in anything other that that which is comfort clothing. Factor in no real need to actually GO anywhere and whammo. I’m in hog’s heaven. There are zillions of other things I love about this new adventure but who has time to even list them all.

Suffice it to say… I so seem to have struck some sort of gold here. Worth way more than the price of real gold which btw… is now once again headed up to almost $1800 an ounce, for anyone who is interested in such things. Who says I don’t have a wealth of information to pass along? Finances. Fashion. Politics. Food. You name it... I can supply it. I'm just lucky that way, I guess.  

Regardless… the gold I have found in this new relationship brings a much richer value than any ounce EVER could. Hence, the bottom line to all this? Easy... Yay online games!

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