Saturday, March 7, 2020


And venom. And vile. And vicious. All of which conjures up pretty much the way I feel about the coronavirus that’s apparently taking over the planet. If the Center for Disease Control wanted to get my attention, you can damn well be sure it did. I AM FREAKED.

Which didn’t take all that long, actually. About 10 days after learning about the virus hitting Washington state last month, I was boom. 1-2-3 online, learning about which masks we were supposed to get and then began checking out Amazon’s supply of precautionary products. I began on a Friday morning and by Saturday night I had ordered more mask varieties than you can imagine. By the beginning of this week, I was ordering all kinds of disinfection products you can possibly think of. The recommended disposal gloves arrived today.  Look up above and you can see the mere beginnings of my zillions of orders. The zinc lozenges, more Purell, remaining masks, etc. will arrive soon enough. Trust me… I am totally THE target audience for this kind of frenzy and fear. Although, THIS time it is within complete reason.

As a matter of fact, this past Monday Bonnie, my assistant, was here and announced that her 40 year old daughter, who had a bone marrow transplant for cancer three years ago, was hopping on a plane yesterday to enjoy a footloose and fancy free trip throughout Europe for a month. NOW she decides to go?? IS SHE FUCKING NUTS?? I was aghast, to say the least. Naturally, I then told Bonnie well, guess what. Don’t come to help me for several weeks after her return for I am NOT having anyone here who could knowingly possibly be compromised and then walk into my home. THAT is just batshit crazy, if you ask me.

Bonnie’s daughter is apparently as much off the rails as Trump is when it comes to this disease. For Trump too, is walking around in a fog when it comes to national expert medical advice and subsequent intelligent precautions to which all citizens should adhere. Let alone the World Health Organization’s advice. Afterall, when Lindsay Graham starts telling the President to actually pay attention to the medical scientists and doctors, you KNOW we are in trouble.

Trump’s assessment of this horrible, horrible situation is less astute than that of a 12 year old. He is in no way being honest with the public… gee, what a surprise… thus I don’t believe for one minute this virus deal will be in and out within the next month. Don’t even get me started on Trump’s suggestion that people just go to work if they must. All will be fine. HE IS OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND and I can only pray he is smashed by the voting public come November. There are plenty of other prayers I have lined up for him, but I totally don’t want Blogger to come after me and haul me off to jail so uh… I’ll  just keep them to myself.    

All I know is: I so hope that all our families and friends… and strangers, too… never have to deal with those we love contracting this virus. It is terribly scary and possibly deadly. My son’s sole job is to treat sick folks coming into his urgent care facility and bingo. He called me Tuesday to say the very first coronavirus patient to test positive in NC is but one hour away from where he works. WAY TO MAKE A MOTHER GO OUT OF HER EVER LOVIN’ MIND. I’m a nervous wreck from EVERYthing by now. Talk about: 

Which is a big problem. I am so not calm about all this! Not even ice cream is helping, which says a lot. I hate this medical news. I hate Trump’s out and out lying about it all. I hate that the entire country is out of supplies in grocery and drug stores. Most of all, I hate what this is doing to my normally happy-go-life. Yay chocolate.       

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