Monday, March 9, 2020


Okie dokie. I basically have nothing to say. Instead, I’m merely procrastinating my having to do the wash. I can not beLIEVE how accomplished I’ve become at putting things off for a later time. Seriously. I lived my entire life living embracing the motto: never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. That applied to every facet of my life whether it be personal, social or professional.

Now, however?? Oh man. I can now put off just making an important phone call for days. I mean, exactly how damn lazy can one lady be?? You should only SEE what my inbox looks like in email. Today I finally answered a friend who I’ve been meaning to reply to for a month! In the meantime...

My close girlfriend is forever putting a load of wash into the machine. Bingo. One load, and all the laundry is done. Me? I let the laundry pile up way high and bingo. I then have to do at least 2 loads at a time. Sometimes 3, if I have linens. Which is why btw, I basically have  50 pairs of panties… so  I can be SURE I have plenty before I am actually FORced to get my ass in gear and do the wash. You’d think I was living in the 1800s before electric washers and dryers were invented and laundering WAS a major chore. Seriously. Just how hard IS it to put in a load, right? My Mother would be appalled, I bet.

Couple procrastination AND laziness and boom. You have me. Actually, I think it became a hold over from my husband. He was the King of Postponing although it really never rubbed off on me until I turned about 60 years old. As it happens, some say delaying tactics can be a sign of depression, but neither of us really ever had issues with depression. So for me, I’m going to hang my hat on my new-found laziness issue which also was never a part of my personality until later in life. Trust me… the day I totally retired, I have never set my alarm clock ever again, unless it's absolutely necessary.

I am now sooo jealous of people who get things done lickety split. Even when I cook dinner, it’s enough just for me to prep the food and actually cook it. But having to then load the dishwasher afterwards AND have to wash the pots and pans? Talk about work. I so have no guilt if I get to them several hours later when the 11:00 news comes on… let  alone, soak them overnight. When I was younger, I ALWAYS cleaned the kitchen spic and span after dinner just so I wouldn’t see anything needing cleaning when I woke up the next morning. Uh… apparently I have no problem with it nowadays which is crazy because my other motto is: cleanliness is next to Godliness.

On the other hand, just today I went to the garden store, bought 40 pansy plants, came home and planted them all in the six planters I have on my deck railings, then hosed down the entire deck, came in and in no time at all, hopped into the shower. Perhaps this doesn’t sound like a lot of work to YOU, but for me, this is definitely a 2 and 1/2 job, easily. Not counting the ride to the plant store. So maybe I’m not such a lazy bitch afterall, now that I think of it. For I DO get everything that needs to be taken care of done, just at a much slower rate and/or a much later date. BTW... the pansies look excellent on all the railings, as you can see up above. Yay me. 

On the other hand… given I’ve taken a nice little break here, writing all this after my shower… I’m now totally off for my treasured daily nap. I’m whipped! Which only means:

Damnit. I still have to do the laundry when I wake up.

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