Friday, September 9, 2016


I love that most  people go on a little vacation and probably take wonderful little pictures of sunsets, stunning architectural buildings or even some posing in front of major tourist attractions. I've done that a zillion times in my life of travels. But what I love most are the sorts of pictures I took when I was in Florida recently. Granted... I took plenty of playful picts of family and friends but my most favorites are those that capture scenes not ordinarily shot by others.

Take this for example: my most delightful place to shop, ever. Goodbye Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, even Saks. Enter: THIS store. A store filled with excellent taste, mile wide aisles, outstanding sales help and plenty of trending fashions.

I know. One rarely spends time taking shots of a department store signage but when you live in a baby town like mine, where the Super WalMart is a key draw, one becomes so accustomed to bullshit shopping that it boggles the mind. Comparing our Belks to this Nordstrom for instance, is like comparing rubber made thong sandals to 5 inch Jimmy Choo high heels. Man. Don't even ask. 

I've become so used to crappy shopping choices here that it then becomes practically a major enlightenment when I step foot into a REAL department store. Totally pleasurable, btw. In the meantime...

This is a perfect example. One that makes me want to choke, but whatever. Get a load of this mannequin. I was so AGHAST at it that I just had to take it's picture. Check it out.

Uh... anything look a little bit off base to you? Are you kidding me??? I swear to God... this mannequin is no wider than a toothpick!! Seriously. I look at this and all I see is: malnutrition!! An absolute size 0. I can not beLIEVE people are this size which btw, I totally call the Auschwitz Gas Chamber Look. So not a pretty sight let alone an upscale sizing choice. Wow. Gives a whole new meaning to long and lean if you ask me. 

Of course I myself would kill... no pun intended... to actually be a size close to this mannequin's although I must say... a size 4 or 6 would be a much better choice. Those numbers would then at least be bumped up to a Detention Camp Look which is basically nothing to strive for, either. In any case, turns out I totally don't need to worry given my Plus Size look is pretty much here to stay. Damnit.

So another shot of my trip is Florida is maybe my favorite of them all. I was just outside the entrance door to Nordtrom's and what do I see but THIS. Talk about a chuckle of the century!

Does the landscaper not SEE this as he does his pruning?? OMG. Talk about a crazy ass welcome mat let alone a whole new meaning of fiber optics. One look at this plant and boom. Forget about palm trees. Just think: palm aROUND it! 

I just HAD to snap a shot right then and there. Who could blame me? Like just how often do I come across a garden such as this? With a cutting like this, I'd almost have to render this store Xrated. Except uh... this plant is totally UNcut, so to speak. And speaking of landscaping...

This last shot is one taken right smack outside the front door of my hotel. I was completely intrigued by the juxtaposition of the light and dark and loved looking at it every night. Finally, by the 5th night, I caved and took a picture of it. My photography teacher from long, long ago would give me an A+ lickety split.

Better yet... I'd get an A on the final exam for this next one, given so many really dedicated photographers adore black and whites. I myself however and totally into color but so be it. Kinda interesting however, right??

Which brings me right back to my glorious shopping adventures. Including DSW by the way, which was a MAjor treat. I just can't believe how thrilling it was to have been in a REAL department store once again. Granted... I could go to Asheville and definitely find a MAC counter. I could even find a Chico's or Talbot's. But finding a truly beautiful department store is a complete challenge, for sure. I sort felt like the women of London when to their utter delight, the very first Selfridge's Department Store opened back in the early 1900s. Now THIS is what I call a store!

Man. Talk about a shopping experience, alright. Waay up my alley. Between this and Harrods... a store in which I have indeed shopped, btw... and bingo. You've got heaven right smack here on earth. Let alone a photographer's Garden of Eden. 


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