Thursday, December 24, 2015


Lucky you. Today you get to see a video of me. I know. No great thrill but several of my newer readers this past year have asked to see what I look and/or sound like. Boom. Here you have it: HOLIDAY MESSAGE  Those viewing via computer btw... should have no problem. Those viewing via mobile device... it's apparently hit or miss. 

Happy Holiday Season to all... I hope it's safe and filled with joy.

I myself have some excellent celebrations lined up and I hope you do as well. Am headed out soon for Part II of fun for today and will enjoy Part III and IV tomorrow. Thank you all for reading along with me of my ranting and raving throughout the past year. I've been pretty much thrilled to have been Living as Linda... life is good. I'm also totally thrilled to be able to document it all via this blog. Well... most of it, anyway. 

2016 is but around the corner! Gulp.


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