Thursday, December 17, 2015


Recently I was invited to a most wonderful party. I was only told that it was going to be at one of the local art galleries and that I should wear casual, comfy clothing. What we were going to do there, I had no clue. But... I was pretty psyched about it. Well... other than the time, that is. 

Get this. I had to be there at 10:00 in the morning! Oh man. Talk about a challenge, alright. When RSVPing by the way ... I did ask UH... THERE WILL BE DANISH SERVED?? DOUGHNUTS?? SOMEthing?? I mean seriously. How I'd function at that hour without something sweet to begin my day was a whole other challenge. Sad to say... only coffee was served but on the other hand, several of us did go to the nearby Mexican restaurant for lunch right smack afterwards so not ALL was lost.

Okay... in the meantime...12 of us show up at the gallery which had all kinds wonderful art, I might add. Right smack in the middle of the gallery was a long table, all set up with different painting supplies and bingo. Turns out we were all going to have a lesson in painting with watercolors!! Soooo up my alley. I was so excited. Granted... none of us were artists. Nor had any of us ever done art in this medium ever before but it bothered us not. It was a totally cool activity.

We were each given two pieces of art paper thus we could make two paintings in total. Don't ask. The teacher, Miriam, was fantastic and she quickly told us a few tips for creating our art work. Then whammo. 

We were to begin, creating any sort of painting our little hearts desired. Many of my friends were totally excellent at this. I was not quite as excellent, as you can see in the picture up above. But too bad, for tada.... IT WAS MY FIRST WATER COLOR PAINTING EVER. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It may not be a masterpiece but I don't care. I love this first attempt, regardless. I loved it so much actually, that as soon as this first one was done, I moved right on in to my second attempt. I love that one even more. Here.... see for yourself.

Not stupendous, but could totally be worse, right?? Anyway...

I have always loved watercolor artwork. I love the movement and smoothness it shows and to me, it's AMAZING what artists can do with this technique. In fact... the huge picture of me hanging in my family room is a somewhat nod to this artistic  approach. Regardless, I just can't tell you what a great morning this was. In fact ALL of us thought it was great. And all of us did some really good painting. Most way better than mine but who's counting.

So after our painting class and after our Mexican luncheon, how long you think it took me to race to my local art supply store to buy all the brushes and paints and paper I would need to paint with water colors AT HOME?? Trust me... no time at all. I zipped into the store, bought my supplies and bingo. I was ready to paint up the kazoo while sitting at my dining room table each evening. 

Talk about beginners luck by the way. No painting that first evening was even close to what I created that morning. I just couldn't figure out what the subject of a painting should even be... let alone which method of coloring I wanted to use. It didn't matter though for I was just practicing and eventually, a few nights later, I came up with something sort of acceptable. Of course I also came up with some that went directly into the garbage, but what the hell. I totally loved playing.

Maybe the reason I loved it so was due to the fact that it's been so long since I've actually painted. Despite the fact that I always have zillions of acrylic paint tubes as a staple in my craft closet. I usually have a few canvas' on hand too, just in case the urge to create comes over me. Kinda like having chocolate somewhere in the house. Just in case you develop a major craving. But whatever. In the meantime, it was totally time for me to play with paints once again and these watercolor tubes were just the ticket.

Actually... this is just the sort of ticket that would be PERfect for keeping me from going crazy while stuck in the house during a big snowfall. Slight glitch however. THERE IS NO F'ING WINTER THIS YEAR! Hence not one single drop of snow yet, whatsoever. Seriously. Ever since Thanksgiving the daytime temps have pretty much averaged in the mid 60s. It's like Spring arrived 6 months early. Totally crazy! 

Plus... as I've mentioned before... any hopes I had for wearing my alltime favorite mink coat is apparently down the drain for sure. Granted... this weekend the highs will be in the mid forties but boom. By Monday it'll be right smack back up to the 50s again. Huh? WTF? Regardless, all I know is that painting with watercolors is major fun. Obviously I can't say my paintings have been major successful, but then again, who the hell cares. 

Besides... were I ever so inclined... which I'm NOT... to create a personal gallery of my watercolors here at home, down below are a bunch of my first attempts. I call them: THE FLORAL COLLECTION. Could also easily be called: THE BULLSHIT COLLECTION. Take your pick. Yeah, they suck but... it's still a great way to kill a couple of hours each day. Let alone allow you to get your creative freak on. Take a look and oh yeah... don't be afraid to start the bidding. 

The Forest 

Red Vase



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