Saturday, January 9, 2016


I do have to start off by saying I had a perfectly fine holiday season. I totally love when that happens. I also totally love that... lo and behold... I do pretty much think: mission accomplished! 

I had predicted that by New Year's day I'd have totally white hair. Well... it almost happened, as you can see up above. Case in point: I'm not really white like my Mom. Instead I'm silver. Another case in point... I have about another half inch to go on my longest side, before I can claim absolute victory. I'm not complaining however, given many folks have given the natural color a resounding thumbs up. Not that I necessarily listen to these folks mind you, since I myself know what I like best, I know what looks best and basically I know what best captures my personal fashion sense. Or lack of it, but who's counting.

Okay. So that's the first tidbit I have to say. The next one is that OMG. Winter arrived last weekend and it' f'ing freezing outside! Yesterday I thought I was living in the "Land of Lincoln" state of Illinois with temps like those in the "Green Mountain State" of Vermont. Combine these two places and bingo. IT'S COLD AS SHIT. Not that it's all bad btw, since it totally gives me a chance to wear my alltime favorite mink. 

The third tidbit I have to pass along is: I'm a total idiot. But it's not necessarily my fault since I really blame the keyless entry folks who made my car. For some reason they decided we didn't need actual keys to get into our cars anymore and consequently, we're basically scammed into thinking we turned our car off when in fact we didn't. 

Case in point: last week I went to meet up with a bunch of people for lunch and next thing you know, I find a great parking place, I gathered my coat and purse, got out of the car and then headed on in to the restaurant. I must have been inside for almost a couple of hours and when it was all over, I happily marched back to my car. Even as I approached it I was stymied cause I couldn't figure out why the hell my headlights were on. Huh? WTF?? How'd that happen? Why did it happen? What's going on here, anyway? 

Turns out: MY CAR WAS STILL RUNNING. The entire time I was having lunch no less!!! The keyless entry system in no way let me know that I hadn't turned off the ignintion! I don't think, anyway. Oh man. I can't even believe someone didn't hop right in and totally drive away. Don't even ask. So much for bullshit inventions, if you ask me. In any case...

The fourth tidbit I should mention is kind of interesting. I got out of the shower a couple nights ago and went to grab my beloved white bath robe since I'm always freezing when I step out. Oops. No robe on the hook. Apparently I completely forgot I had washed it and it was still in the dryer which naturally did me no good while hopping out of the shower. So I immediately headed to my closet and grabbed the red, heavy Japanese silk robe that belonged to my Dad and which I just couldn't ditch when he passed away. Talk about warm! I was in my toasty glory. 

Was even MORE in my glory however, when I put it on, tied the sash and then put my hand into one of the pockets. All of a sudden I'm feeling something and was STUNNED when I pulled my hand out only to find I was holding onto... sitting down??... a baggie with at least a half ounce of pot!! OMG. I have no idea where it came from! I laugh even now just thinking about it. Jesus. Can you even imagine?? All I can think of is that I must have hid it there years ago and totally forgot about it ever since. One hell of an after bath body splash is all I can say. Use the splash. Boom. You're mighty trashed.

Which kind of brings me back to my silver hair. Which btw, someone at the vitamin store complimented me on yesterday. Although they used the term platinum to describe it's color. As in: the silver metal. But whatever. My problem now is that while yes, I am almost totally silver... according to my bathroom lights above the sinks... I'm still blonde!! Damnit. The bulbs seem to cast this yellow light upon my hair and after all this time trying to go natural, it pisses me off but plenty. I not only want my silver hair but I also want to SEE my silver hair. Which actually I can do if I take a mere 10 steps to my bedroom's long view mirror. Yippee. No yellow casting light bulbs. 

As a side issue btw, my next project just may be to let my hair grow to chin length so I can once again pull my hair back into a chignon. THAT project however is going to take another freakin' year and I can't imagine my being able to commit to it as of yet.  On the other hand... if I begin now... by NEXT New Years, I will be sporting scrunchies up the kazoo once again. Do they even come in a silver color? Hmmmm. Should I or shouldn't? Anyway...

In closing let me just show you two picts I came across on the internet which turned out to be as good as any to begin my 2016 with a chuckle. Check them out and see if you too, get a kick out them. I just love when my funny bone is tickled and believe you me... these did it a heartbeat. And oh yeah... DEAR GOD: PLEASE LET ME WIN $900 MILLION. THANK YOU GOD. AMEN.

Japanese Sale Signs

Wntd: Women and Beer

HAHAHAHAHA. What a guy, right? Besides... I see that at the last minute, he decided to add in the whip. He does however, get points for excellent handwriting. 

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