Monday, November 24, 2014


Oh man... this new operating system on my computer is strictly for the birds. I can't do HALF the things I used to do on my old one. And if it CAN be done, it's not only hard as hell but it also makes you jump through all kinds of hoops to make it even happen. You have no CLUE how many times I've Googled Windows 7 in the past three days. I needed answers to ZILlions of questions of how to perform zillion of functions. Easy ones, too. I'm beginning to imagine Windows 7 totally blows.

Speaking of bitching... which in case you hadn't noticed, I am doing... this new keyboard ALso blows. The keys on it are DEFinitely more compact and for the first time in 20 years, I'm backspacing up the kazoo to correct typographical errors. Lest you forget, I am not only totally a touch typist... and a fast one, too... yet I'm now looking at the keys over and over again, like a major idiot. What the hell is going ON anyway? This is crazy!

But my REAL beef is with the bullshit I now need to go through to even find what I'm looking for. Case in point: I have played FreeCell for YEARS. And, I'm damned good at it, too. Yes, I sometimes loose, but I've had winning streaks like there was no tomorrow. MANY, MANY TIMES I might add. Which naturally is why I love the game so much. I even play it while on the phone, given usually lots of conversations can often times be borderline boring. And for SURE I'm playing it while waiting for customer service or tech support, etc. In the meantime... have any idea how long it took me to even FIND the damn game on this new computer? Don't ask. Totally had to Google it.

Anyway... so okay. I find FreeCell. I play the game. I even played 10 more since that first one. Sitting down?? I HAVEN'T WON A GAME YET!!! I'm like outta my mind, here. WTF is going on? I'm beginning to wonder if... when I first opened the program, I didn't set the play level at DIFFICULT. Which naturally I would have done, given I'm such a champ at it. DIFFICULT??? This new FreeCell is simply UN-WINNABLE. I mean it. It's nuts!! I even went back OFTEN to see if I can get back to MEDIUM or ANYthing regarding play levels, but there IS no level option. Which then means... Windows 7 decided on the level for us and IT'S FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN. Because trust me. If anyone could win, it SO would be me.

Yesterday I spent over an hour trying to find where all my photos from Picasa were stored and FINALLY I retrieved them. Thank God, btw! Which reminds me... I'm also plenty pissed that I now have to contact the  game companies from which I've downloaded a whole slew of games so they can please re-send my Play Codes so I can actually play the games once again. Don't ask. Jesus. What a crappy pain in the ass this new computer has been ever since I began using it.

On a brighter note... last night I didn't get to bed til maybe two in the morning. Why? Because I got so hooked into listening to music on my iTunes playlist and THEN on YouTube. I guess I've felt music deprived the past six months or something, because I was having the time of my life listening to a whole BUNCH of great songs. So basically... that sorta took my mind off learning this baloney operational system on this baloney keyboard. 

However I have no doubt I'll soon be right smack back to bitching yet again since just today I bought a new web cam and an external back up device. I shutter to even iMAGine what sort of funk THAT'LL put me in while trying to install it. Let alone use it. One saving grace though... YIPPEE. My kid will be here tomorrow! He totally should be able to lessen my techie woes. Man... thank God for small favors. And speaking of thanks...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. I love that I have so many blog readers... I adore your email comments!... and I love that you get a kick out of reading this crap as much as I love writing it. Enjoy your holiday!


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