Friday, October 31, 2014


Well holy moly. It finally happened! After seven years of waiting for the my maple trees to grow AND have stunning orange and/or yellow leaves... THIS IS THE YEAR. I am so damn thrilled, you have no idea!

Every day this week I have gone out to my deck to photograph the daily color changes and by today, almost all of the leaves have turned orange. I can't believe it! NO WONDER I LOVE AUTUMN SO MUCH! I have three maple trees and they look just so beautiful, I can hardly stand it.

Many trees around the city have indeed already lost their leaves, but for some reason, this year, the LEAF GODS have decided to let mine remain on the branches and change their color. Just the way it's SUPPOSED to be! The weather has soooo much to do with which trees will shed, which trees will have vibrant colors and which trees will turn brown way before coloration even occurs. THIS year was the year for my very own backyard. THANK GOD. It's about damn time, I'll say that much.

Am totally bummed that my kid won't be home in time to see this but I've sent him pictures.  He doesn't arrive until Thanksgiving week and trust me... by then, NO tree will have any leaves left on it. I have to say btw, I have seen very little outstanding reds and yellows this year, but doesn't matter all that much given my FAVorite color is orange. Some years the coloration is SO F'ING STUNNING it takes your breath away and I have to immediately stop the car, whip out my camera and snap a shot.

Honest to God... I NEVER saw this kind of beauty in Miami, EVER. Which is yet another reason I am tickled pink I never have to live there ever again. And hopefully... never have to even visit. I'm telling you... this has been SO worth the wait of 7 years.

And with that... just thought I would throw in the fact there is a 60% chance that we'll have about an inch of snow tomorrow!! EEEKS. Which is totally freaking me out given the Halloween party I'm attending tomorrow night is WAY up a mountain. OMG. My stomach is already going nuts. I already decided, btw... if the weather keeps me from attending, then I am DEFINITELY saving my costume for next year! I am totally in love with it.

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