Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Wow. So what'd ya know. We now have a pretty crazed candidate for the Republican nominee in 2016. Although I do have to admit, I saw this coming from the very beginning, when actually, all my friends cringed in disgust and disbelief when first I spoke of this possibility way back in June. They totally thought I was out of my mind. My sister even yelled at me for even imagining the people of our country would EVER consider such a lunatic candidate.

Well guess what everybody. F.U. Because last night Trump got the last laugh. The exact kind of laugh I got when I first saw this painting of Trump, on the internet this morning. In fact... I even laugh now... hours and hours later. I'll probably keep on laughing each and every time I see this. Oh man... what can one even say when they see this? Other than I assume his member will be one of those that grows yet not shows. 

To me... this is just so, so funny.

Needless to say this was painted, and is actually hanging in a gallery in London. Apparently it was done by an Australian artist name Illma Gore. She titled it: Make America Great Again and is a direct take on what Rubio said in maybe his last debate about Trump's small hands signaling Trump's probable small dork. I SO LOVE THIS!

Illma is not a Trump supporter but still... it hasn't been easy for her. She got her face pretty banged up by someone who wasn't happy with her political expression in art and unfortunately the guy hasn't been found yet. Which is too bad given no one deserves to be physically attacked like this.

Besides... it's not Illma's fault our country has lost it's mind. Although I don't really fully blame our citizens, either. WTF did the Republican Congressmen THINK would happen when you no longer govern nor pass laws to help the people in our country create a better life? What did they THINK would happen when they are so partisan that they refused to pass ANYthing our President put before them? What did they THINK would happen when they wouldn't even have discussions with Obama's Supreme Court Nominee? 

Let alone listen to the constituents and allow gays to marry or women to have access to Planned Parenthood services? Or veto everything that MAY have had a chance to attract new, young voters? I mean seriously... for the past 7½ months Congress has done NOTHING. Yet they got paid mighty fine.

Hence... Hello Donald. Which of course brings me right smack back to this painting. The artwork as a standalone totally shows that the artist has talent. She's captured Trump pretty damn well although only Melania can vouch for the accuracy of the small penis that is depicted in the painting. 

I must say too... that having seen plenty of naked 69 year old men... her depiction of the rest of his body is pretty spot on. The lean, firm bodies of their youth is for the most part, gone. Pretty much like my own, now that I think of it. Trust me... aging is not for the young. But their time will come. One day they too, will look at their naked body and go: EEEKS. WTF HAPPENED TO ME?? Regardless....

I love this painting and am thrilled it's gone viral. On the other hand... I can only hope that Trump does not go to the Men's room and choose the urinal next to this rapper guy down below. Candidate or not... he will SO be jealous.


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