Wednesday, November 25, 2015


You know these women? Well neither do I. Well, not completely, anyway. After years of seeing them while enjoying my lunch, I finally learned their names. And that's pretty much about it. Except that they are also sisters. 

Turns out Delores and Mary Ann lunch at the country club just like I do. And while I am often with my own sister when I see them, I am often with alot of different friends of mine, too. Like I was yesterday when Betsy and I were there. Not surprisingly, so were Delores and Mary Ann.

A couple weeks ago, I even stopped by their table to chat a moment and one thing led to another and somehow I mentioned that I had a blog. Naturally I had Delores give me her email address so I could pass the blog site on to her, warning her that there are in fact times I may get a little racy in my speech... so if that's a problem... then for sure she'd have to pass on it. Being brave however, Delores was up for the challenge.

Anyway... I do have to say these women appear to be two of the sweetest ladies you'd ever want to meet. Always smiling. Always talkative. Always polite. And always enjoying their lunch. Kinda like me, actually, but ten to one... they are way sweeter than I. But who's counting, right?

I have no clue what the three of us have in common other than we love dining at the country club but it matters not. For if you get a chance to chit chat a bit with these sisters, you're guaranteed to have a happy, lively conversation. In fact at yesterday's lunch Betsy was telling me about the neighbors who live above her and how EVERY SINGLE Sunday morning, like clockwork, the people have sex. Which normally would be of no interest to Betsy except for the fact that she can hear each and every moan of these two lovebirds, as well as the banging of their headboard. No pun included. 

Needless to say... this sort of conversation was totally up my alley and I was laughing right smack out loud. Picturing Betsy having to endure this every week simply had me in stitches. And, given the age of the couple, we were trying to imagine exactly which med the hubby must be taking to perform so consistently week in and week out. I myself came up with the theory they must be engaging in oral sex, but Betsy shot down that theory, given the headboard banging bit. Whatever. In the meantime...

I was laughing so much, Delores eventually asked from across the room... what's so funny over there? I must have said something like: Betsy is telling me about her neighbors, alluding to the fact they are "noisy", if you catch my drift. Which I think I'll tell Delores and Mary Ann all about when next I see them. Why hold back on such juicy news, is my thought. Unless of course they KNOW these people, in which case I'll be mighty embarrassed. Maybe.

Anyway... as I said, these two women are so very sweet and probably very kind. Which points to the reason I love my little town so much. You can meet wonderful people all over the place. Everyone is just so happy to be living here. Besides... it's autumn, so who WOULDN'T be madly in love with living here? Oh yeah... tomorrow night... low will be 30 degrees. Yet another reason to be tickled pink. 

Regardless... I think I'll have to make it my business to join Delores and her sister at their table one day for lunch, so I can learn more about them. I'm already planning on a great fabrication all about me, so that my life story can match up to theirs. Case in point: I think maybe I'll fictiously become the personal wardrobe advisor to Heidi Klum. Or maybe the pop culture advisor to Bernie Sanders. Then I'll REALLY have a great bio to lay upon the two sisters and they'll think I'm pretty famous, etc. For... were I to tell them my real life story... they'd be totally bored. And who could blame them?

Regardless, when I decided I was going to blog about these two women, I knew I'd need a picture of them. So last week I pulled out my camera and went running over to their table to grab a shot. "Huh? Why in the world do you want to take a picture of us?" I quickly made up some excuse so this entry could be a surprise to them; an excuse I can't even remember now, but am pretty sure it was lame as hell. In the meantime, boom. There you have it, up above. Delores is in white. Mary Ann is in blue. Don't they look like the kindest sort of people you'd ever see? And, they're funny. Bingo. My kind of women.

So here's to sisters. I can't wait for them to read this blog entry and be totally shocked they made the cut. HI MARY ANN AND DELORES. WILL PROBABLY SEE YOU AT LUNCH NEXT THURSDAY. HOPE ALL IS HAPPY AND WILL GRILL YOU ON THIS ENTRY AFTER OF COURSE, I'VE HIT THE BUFFET. BYE FOR NOW.

And speaking of the buffet... totally my alltime favorite place for lunch.   


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