Friday, November 29, 2019


Yay for Thanksgiving. I totally loved being with my friends tonight to enjoy a fabulous buffet of some of the most delicious food ever. Except  per usual, I didn’t eat turkey, which I suspect is the big draw of the night. I’m so not a fan of turkey… but all the side dishes?? Oh man. My mouth is watering all over again just thinking of the sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies, etc. etc. I even downed some prime rib and shrimp scampi, which was amazing but I focused on the side dishes most of all. Well, that and the pies of course.

In the meantime, tonight I did something I’ve never done before. I actually wore a color I have never ever worn before in my entire life. Ever. You can see it in the picture up above. STUNNING is all I can say.

Not only do I love this tunic but it is soooo an autumn color. Again… something I would never buy for myself. Well, except for red. But yellows? Golden browns? Burnt oranges? Deep, deep olives? Marigolds? Chestnuts? Oh man…that is way on the opposite end of my favorite springy, happy looking colors of pastels. And white. And of course, black. THOSE are colors of which I have zillions. But autumn colors? None. Plain and simple. 

Until this week, that is. I had been looking at this sweater for a long time, mainly because of it’s wonderful cowl neck. I adore cowl necks… keeps my neck warm but is not fitted the way a turtle neck might be. So when I saw this sweater, not only did I love the style and cashmere feel to it, but I was amazingly also drawn to the color, imagining that it might just look kinda pretty, afterall. Even with silver hair. And guess what? I was right!

I bought this online and as soon as it arrived, I tried the sweater on and fell in love immediately. Talk about warm, too. The color was just perfect… exactly what I was hoping, a beautiful camel kind of color. Like I figure preppies up in Maine would wear. 

The funny thing is: were I to have seen this color on anyone else, I would not be drawn to it at all. In my book, there is absolutely nothing pretty about it at all. Maybe even blah. Well, until I saw this sweater, anyway. I would surely have considered it a ho-hum deal. But, apparently, in my old age, something in my head must be changing because I took to this camel look like a fish takes to water. I can assure you by the way, I will NEVER have another camel colored item in my wardrobe ever again, not even a pair of shoes. But my sweater? Lordy. I will love wearing this over and over and over again.

Oh… and get this. Apparently my friends know me well, for tonight a couple of women actually said: OMG. I never saw that color on you before! Damn right they haven’t. It’s just so crazy to me. Anyway…. I so love autumn and I so love it’s coloration. But not in my clothing. Instead, in: LEAVES ON TREES. Which reminds me…

You know how I look forward each year to the gorgeous orange and yellow leaves that I live for every fall, on my backyard maple trees? Guess what. This year? NONE. Well, hardly any. Turns out rain and wind pretty much knocked off all the leaves before they came to it’s full glory. I WAS ROBBED this season. Major bummer, too.

Which is okay, I guess because everything else about autumn is so up my alley. Especially this sweater upon which I am feasting, given that even on the coldest day of the year in South Florida, I’d never have been able to wear it. I am soooo happy to be living where there are actually four real seasons! Which naturally means: the need for four seasonal wardrobes. Ahh… what a lift for the soul every 3 months. 

And oh yeah... I hope EVERYone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Yay holidays!

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