Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I know. It’s been AGES since I’ve added to this blog of mine... which many of you call fantastic, btw... and part of the delay has been due to my being so damn busy. Which is totally true; yet an even bigger part of it has been due to my simply being so damn lazy. So lazy in fact, that this is actually the very first entry I’ve added since the end of 2017. So much has been going on that frankly, I don’t even know where to start… let alone what I can even remember. The thought of creating all the posts I wish to upload is so overwhelming to me that… uh… I’m just way too lazy to even attempt it. Therefore…

I’m beginning to think that maybe the best way for me to catch up and remind myself of what I’ve been up to for the past six months is to merely do it by way of pictures. Now THERE’S a lazy-ass way of doing things, if ever there was. Of course I’m going to have to go check which picts I have and hopefully come up with a few that will bring us all up to date in the Land of Linda.

Naturally… the first item to note will be THE big event of 2018. And, no. I don’t mean Michael Cohen heading to the Big House, which of course I pray he will eventually share with the guy who’s now in the White House. Nor do I mean the wedding of Harry and Meghan which is a huge event if ever there was. 


To me, this is THE major wonder of all that may happen in the coming year. I am just so floored over this, I can’t even tell you. Oh yeah… and as a side note… Harry’s marriage happens to occur on my very birthday but trust me, it goes without saying, MY event is way more monumental! Therefore…

I am going to start my picture blog with a shot of my birthday invitation. I loved every minute of creating it… and btw, you’d have thought I was creating the invite to Royal Wedding, but whatever. I eventually came up with something I liked and for all of you who didn’t get one specifically, it's a shame, for I must say, the evening is going to be totally excellent. Besides, like for all major events, I had to have SOME sort of a cut off point.

Granted… I could totally write an entire entry for any one of these photos but as I said, I’m too damn lazy. Anyway, up next is a shot for a friend of mine who decided to become a vegetarian. She even uploads a bunch of videos in which she tests vegan packaged snacks, in real time. Some are apparently pretty decent in the taste department while others totally suck. In her honor, I myself tried a vegetarian dinner one night and I must say it was deLICious. No wonder. Look what I made.

Speaking of food… I don’t know where I was but from the photo, I apparently had ordered breakfast. A damn good breakfast, I might add. Uh… and pretty filling. Again, no wonder. Check out my order which  is pretty much true to form although I must admit I never finish the entire meal. Well, except for this morning. Wow. Some hungry man meal, if ever there was.

So I was in Florida a couple of months ago and had a fantastic time. Most people take photos of all the activites they do and all the people they were with. Not me. I had to shoot a pair of boots I saw in Nordstrom’s which are way up my alley. Uh… minus the pricing. I’m thinking they were around $500 – $600 but now they’re on sale, priced at $300, so never say never. Except: unless I move to Hollywood, I think we’re safe to say never.

This photo is maybe my alltime favorite. I was still in Florida at the time and it’s of a man named Abe who soon became my buddy while I was out on the hotel’s patio, off the pool area. I was totally intrigued by him IMMEDIATELY. Namely because he never put his teeth into his mouth unless he was leaving the hotel. Soon enough he started chatting me up while on the patio each day and don’t ask what I learned about this 90 year old man! After being there for five days, I learned PLENTY. Including the fact he loved every outfit I had worn each day. Huh? He’s sizing up my clothing rather than checking out all the hot young ladies in their string bikinis?? Shows how off his thinking is as he gets really old. Oh yeah… his wife kicked the bucket a couple of years ago, so his daughter wanted him to check out some senior living facilities. You can now see why. He spent hours napping, which actually, is right up my alley. I can't beLIEVE how much this photo... which he had no clue I took... makes me laugh!

So one day recently I decided to make some eggs. I cracked three, thinking I’ll go with an omelet. I was STUNNED to find that I instead, was having five! I couldn’t believe it. Two of the eggs I cracked actually had twins! There were two with double yokes and frankly, I almost cringed at the thought of eating them. On the other hand, I was starved, so I lived on the edge and scrambled them anyway. Like what the hell are the odds of this ever happening??? 3 to 5 maybe???

This may be my favorite photo of all, one which I think I may actually have to frame. I was in Atlanta for a long weekend recently, and we were on the 18th floor. Which in turn gave me excellent views from the huge balcony off the bedroom. What I was most struck with was the building across the way, which was made of glass windows that were sort of all lined up, but catty-cornered to each other. So that basically, each corner was touching the one next to it but at an almost 45 degree angle. Granted, I was far from being able to check it out for size and/or degree verification, but the reflection from these windows, of all the buildings around it, gave it a fanTAStic, amazing architectural design. It totally blew my mind. I zoomed my lens way in, and bingo, this is what I was able to capture! I so deserve a photography award.

Ever go out to dinner, hoping you’ll be safe and sound from any criminal activity? Yeah, well I do too, which is why I was a little startled when I was dining at a downtown restaurant recently and lo and behold what do I see as soon as I walk in? A GANGSTER POINTING HIS GUN!! Seriously. Naturally, I fell in love with him immediately thus had to pose with this guy who I’ll just call Johnny the Thug. I also had to imagine, btw, this is SO not what I call great customer relations, but wtf. I took a picture with him nonetheless. I mean really… in this day and age, and especially my being so anti gun, talk about politically incorrect. A crazy photo op however, right??

I adore this next photo! Man… I simply HAD to laugh right out loud! So the deal is… Zebulon had gone outside to play in the backyard, which he does a zillion times a day, given he has free access to come and go as he pleases. This time however, apparently he went out just after my lawn had been mowed and voila'! I took one look at him when he came back in and grabbed my camera immediately!  Can you blame me?? He is just so adorable, you can't believe it. This is hilarious. Just LOOK at his paws!

Speaking of outside… SPRING IS HERE. Want proof?? Here. Take a look at the flowers you can see when walking downtown. Stunning! Unfortunately this flower remains in bloom for maybe two weeks?? Which is too bad, for it only means one thing: summer is here soon; a season I HATE.

And last but not least… ME AT 70! Also, me with the beginning of permanent wrinkles. EEKS. So not attractive but it is what it is. In the meantime I am, for the first time ever, having a mild meltdown at how old I am! It's amazing to me that I'm so freaked about beginning my 70s, mainly because I can not even IMAGINE reaching my 80s. Also because, you are officially OLD when you are in your 7th decade. I'm even beginning to purge all my worldly goods, unless they are absolutely exceptionally important to me. Even my treasured private biographical library of every member of the British Monarchy, starting with Queen Victoria, is on it's way out the door. Not to mention the purging of my closet, jewelry, DVDs, knick knacks, etc. etc.

So there you have it… my life from the past six months in a kind of photographic capsule. Now… if only it won’t take me another six months before I get back into the blogging groove, I’ll be a happy woman. More importantly YOU’LL be a happy reader. Unless of course this lazy ass way of life becomes a permanent life style for me, which is so probable, indeed! YEA! MY BIRTHDAY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Gulp.

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