Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Okay. So it's now been a month since the infamous Day of Defeat whereby America elected it's worst President ever and I sorta need to say.... I really simply haven't yet, recovered from any of it's shock. I cannot beLIEVE what has happened to this nation nor can I believe any of what's gone down since that election night. Thank God my parents aren't here to have witnessed it for they would be in utter shock as well.

I had started Election Day out pretty happy. 17 people were coming to my All American Dinner and I was totally looking forward to seeing eveyone and enjoying their company. We had a perfectly lovely time... maybe the last truly happy time I've had all month. Well... except for Thanksgiving but that's another story altogether. Anyway... by 9:30 everyone was out of here so we could all watch the election results in the comfort of our own homes and by 10:30, I. Was. Stunned. My kid basically said to me... TRUMP HAS BEEN ELECTED... and with bulging eyes, I stared at all the states on the TV screen, and saw nothing but RED, RED, RED. And then more red.


Except apparently it was right. Even though it was still very wrong. HEY ALL YOU TOP 50 POLLSTERS FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, WHO PROMISED ME HILLARY WOULD WIN... TWO WORDS: F YOU!!!

How DARE you not prepare me for this horrifying news!! I just can't TELL you how depressed and stunned I've been ever since. To this day I still can't fathom how Trump was elected. Has EVERYone on this planet gone absolutely crazy??? WTF happened??? Oh man. I hardly know what to say. 

Other than: just today I renewed my Passport. My kid did it last week. And frankly, all you readers out there should do so as well. I'm not saying you need to flee the country in the next six months, but never say never. God only KNOWS what could go down in the next year or so thus as a safety measure, I am so suggesting: get your Passport up to date NOW.

In the meantime, not a single day has gone by since election night wherein something weird... small or big... hasn't occurred with me. It's so bizarre. I just don't get it. One day I find out a friend of mine needs radiation. Another day two other friends need surgery. Two of my most used credit cards have completely disappeared... ala my red glasses from a couple of years ago. Amazon's two day delivery has yet to arrive 2 weeks later. My external computer back up device all of a sudden decided to render my mouse stationary. I almost left a $14.00 tip on a $28.00 bill. And oh yeah... my college roomate tells me her sister's boyfriend kinda killed her. HOLY SHIT. I'm telling you...multiple crazy things are happening and it's nuts! It's like there is totally bad karma going down in the country and apparently in my home, too.

Which of course brings me right smack back to the picture up above. Yeah... the one in which Trump... cough, cough, gulp, throw up... is in fact, the Person of the Year. Granted, he accomplished what NO one would have ever imagined possible but then again, the same could be said of Hitler. Which reminds me... BEN CARSON IS PART OF THE CABINET NOW??? Oh God. Better he should lock himself IN a cabinet and just throw away the key. I HATE THAT MAN. BTW... my favorite part of the Time's cover is where it says: President of the Divided States of America. Ain't that the fucking truth.

Anyway... as I've said, I can't believe what's happened with Trump. Seriously. He totally wanted to win, that much I know. He just never wanted to actually BE President. It's like he was in utter shock when he sat down with Obama the very first time and basically said: WHOA. STOP THE CLOCK. HOLD ON HERE. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I REALLY DO HAVE TO GOVERN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? THIS IS WAAAY MORE THAN I BARGAINED FOR, BELIEVE ME.

Which only means... exactly when I will recuperate from all this, I have no clue. In fact, even today I didn't feel so up to snuff. So much so that I went to my doctor appointment to get my flu shot this afternoon but wound up telling the nurse I so didn't feel so hotsi totsi, so we decided I'll just come back in a week. Although I am totally not sure I'll even be feeling so great even then. Whatever.

Someone told me btw, that I really don't have to be that completely freaked about President Trump. Really? I don't?? I personally find it hard to believe, but okay, I'll bite. Only problem is they won't tell me why. Thus, I guess I'll continue to be freaked for the next four years, afterall. Trust me... nothing about this Person of the Year can possibly be good. 

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