Thursday, February 23, 2012


Given that Bonnie was out of town a few weeks ago, I was forced to go on a field trip. As in: a trip to the grocery store! And... I'm not talking a quick run in, grab something, leave again trip, either. I'm talking MAJOR SHOPPING TRIP. Oh man. I hate that job, believe me.

I needed lots of items but I some how lucked out that day. Apparently the "newly" designed store was getting ready for a grand opening of sorts, thus there were store employees ALL OVER the place. Which was good, since I have no clue on which aisle anything was displayed. I must have had to ask four different people for directions. Natually, the one direction I didn't need at all was the one department to which I can no longer go. THE BAKERY DEPARTMENT. Damnit. I used to love grabbing a delicious doughnut to help me make a bullshit chore turn into something almost enjoyable.

Anyway, I had my trusty little list in hand and sure enough got what I needed. I was tired though, so in the end, although I still needed liquid Palmolive dish washing soap, I decided the hell with it. Bonnie can get that for me next week. Check out was a breeze, btw. I not only was the first in line, but also had plenty of cash to pay for my items. Yippee. No charge needed. I even had a couple of bucks for the bag boy to help me to the car.

Now comes the hard part. UNLOADING MY CAR ONCE AT HOME. Geez... so hate that job, too. I worked out a great plan, however. I brought all the bags in, placed them upon kitchen counter and boom. WENT TO LIE DOWN FOR A NAP. What?? I should have unpacked everthing right then and there? Yeah... well YOU might. I might not. Actually, I was headed out to dinner later and I used the time after I got all dolled up to THEN do the unpacking. Worked like a charm, actually.

So basically, alls well that ends well. Except for one little glitch. EEEKS. I had to shop at ANOTHER store later in the week. Turns out I was entertaining and I never go to the regular grocery store for my meats, fish, etc. So actually... I didn't have to dread it all THAT much. This other grocery store is the upscale gourmet sort type and is a way different experience.

Which makes me think: since when is paying the highest price possible not so good? Are you kidding me? Turns out it almost made grocery shopping like a field trip. Well, almost.